Chileheads AND Spicy Food Lovers Thread

To start off once again YET another food-related thread, here is my first question now: Are there ANY chileheads and spicy food lovers on the KI Forums? Hot sauces too along with eating hot chile peppers and garlic whole AND raw even? :yum: :hot_pepper: :garlic: :fire:

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My brother would love this topic.

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So he’s into spicy foods and hot peppers, I presumed? But not for you, in turn?

I love lamb vindaloo. I LOVE jalapeños on burgers and sandwiches. I also like spicy BBQ sauce.

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Nah! I can’t handle spice too well.

Spicy stuff is a staple for Mexican food! Which I eat alot of on account of being Mexican :stuck_out_tongue: salsas, chiles, you name it! Admittedly, I favor flavor over spice. That is to say, I like spicy food, but its not “the spicier the better” or anything!

i love spicy foods. generally spicier but tastes good but also challenge stuff.

hottest ive had straight is The Source. had a small spoon of it. mouth and throat could handle it, but after about an hour had bad cramps for about 30 minutes. then, they went away and all was fine.

(The Source is around 7.1 million scoville) I can have most wing places hottest suicide/armageddon level wings without noticing. (there’s a few here in Toronto that i can eat them but they are hot … those i consider would kill most people)


:slight_smile: SF

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