"Chickachickachaa!" - a Deadpool spoilerific thread

Okay, so I just saw the absolutely hilarious and gratuitously violent Deadpool film this evening and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. It’s easily the funniest of ANY of the comic-book super-hero films (it will get you laughing within seconds and keep you there until the post-credits) and is also easily deserving of the R-rating (personally, as much as they showed - dismembermant, nudity, etc., I’m not even sure if that was enough).

If you want a good time this weekend, this movie is a good choice. :wink:

So, what’s your take on the film?


I really want to watch deadpool movie, but… I wish I’m adult… : (

Just say it today with @oDragonSpirit, we really had a good time! I personally am a Steve Rogers fan, which is the complete opposite of Deadpool - but it was a great time. The pacing was good, the jokes were well-referenced, the fourth wall breaks as good as expected, the action awesome and the cameos fit well into the story. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more with this movie, I’m so glad I watched it - I highly recommend it for Deadpool/Marvel fans! :smile:

Really looking forward to seeing it next week, usually watch comic book movies day one (except for FF2, which I still havent seen), but been a bit under the weather this week and no babysitter (grandparents on vacation) made it difficult. Expecting a great time :grin:

Might be Ryan reynolds first succesful comicbook movie. The guy deserves it, he has a passion for them.

Too bad iron galaxy thought that deadpool’s personality would fit with Cinder. I hope they fix it on a possible future KI and so we get rid of this fanfaron man on fire thing. The goal on recreating Cinder was to make him less than a marvel character but you made him even more marvel stupid brat asshat. Something like Deadpool cosplaying human torch.

But Deadpool is very nice overall.

My wife & I went to see it for our “~Valentine’s Day night out” & we both rather enjoyed it. When we got there the 7:00 showing was sold out, & while we were waiting some people had asked for refunds because the theater was packed, so with about 5 people in front of us the 7:00 showing opened back up again…yay us.
Very good, highly recommend.

…is it just me or did it kinda seem like the movie was a cross between Robocop (1980’s version) & Bugs Bunny??

The only thing I really didn’t care for was Colossus…his acting presence was comparable to a block of iron…which I guess would fit well with his mutant ability…but the never faltering always need to be hero for the sake of hero shtick got old fast.

This and the lack of the multiple voices like in the game or comics were my only two gripes with the movie, and they are really minor gripes. The movie is a must-watch for sure.

I loved it. Lots of subtle references to other movies, Deadpool storylines and other fun stuff.
I really liked the 300 reference during the final fight, and the small little action figure of the Origins Deadpool was nice.

My favorite part has to be the post-credits scene though. “What are you still doing here? Go home. Oh, right, you’re expecting a teaser for Deadpool 2… we don’t have the budget for that.” was amazing

The multiple voices was really only in Daniel Way’s run in the comics and the videogame. Its already not in the comics anymore and while it was fun while it lasted, I was glad thy eventually let it go. The joke was kinda wearing thin.

@M00NLightNinja Thats not cool, from what I heard they can come down hard on violent games aswell over there…

Feel for you, would hate to be in a country that takes my choice away from me like that, as if I cant decide for myself…

That said, would love to go for holiday over there, From what I’ve seen, it’s beautiful over there.

Yeah, but here in Holland we are pretty close together (the city’s) so very little bush, so a little bush here and there isnt a problem…(that sounded wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I hope the menu of the DVD is just Deadpool staring at you and just saying random ■■■■. Then when you select an option, Deadpool says it

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It’d be cool if they set up the menus where they act like a 4th wall break where he starts complaining about you skipping around & missing the good parts.

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Setting up subtitles: "what, am I not eloquent enough for you?"
Scene selection: “ooh, I love this part, this is where I [fill in the blank]”