Chest suggestions

I just had a thought. Is it possible to get all three chests to appear at the end of a match: standard chest, tank chest, and skeleton chest?

Would it be possible to have other kinds of chests, like a regular chest, tank chest, skeleton chest, bronze chest, silver chest, gold chest, platinum c chest? Maybe even shadow chests containing shadow skins for the character playing, terror chests containing terror skins, etc?

Could there be some kind of bonus for exploiting Easter eggs like bouncing the chest on your head? Maybe apply the bonus to your reward or to your position on the leader board.

No since you can only get either of the standard and tank chests.

Sure, but at some point it would become redundant. All the chests give the same types of rewards, only the number of each item changes I think. What kinds of new items would you like to see in all these different types of chests?

I don’t see that ever happening. Those things have set parameters in order to aquire them. Adding a chance aspect to getting them in chests would automatically devalue them off top.

That’s a hitch (at least I’d classify it as such). But I guess some aspect of it could be incorporated into the chest “mini game.”