"Chest loot" animation suggestion

Right now when you open a chest at the end of a fight, there are only a few yellow blobs flying out of it. It’s quite generic and I think it would be better if the number of the blobs, and also the color of them would indicate what kind of loot we get. It would be exciting to see purple blobs falling out of a chest for example, indicating that we got an epic item, and so on. Yellow doesn’t really represent any kind of loot.


I agree with this.

We can use Overwatch as an example. When you see a blue or purple circle fly out of that box you get excited for the 5 seconds the animation takes before you see that its a purple spray you already have.

That 5 seconds is worth the world though. If the boxes had colors pop out then we would get that same feeling of “oh snap I got a rare” and look forward to see what the rare is.

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Agree with this :sunglasses:

I also agree with this


A simple but effective way to give a little more excitement to loot chests. Especially since @TheKeits is such a big OW fan.
Totally rad. :sunglasses:

I think the orbs should have a sort of sparkle effect when they connect with your character instead of just clipping out of the game. They should have a satisfying sound effect associated with picking them up.

I also think they should immediately go to your character instead of laying around on the ground for a few seconds, if it would be speed up the flow.

I agree wholeheartedly with all of these suggestions.


Nice ideas. Always knew it could do with some tweaking. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it though. Hope that consider your idea.