Checking Downloadable Content screen

A minor suggestion, if I may…

Any possibility that this screen could be replaced during the season by an awesome high res pic of an S3 character or a photo gallery with hero art, while resizing the current message (“checking downloadable contents”) to about 5% its current size and placing it on the lower right side of the screen? No toggle needed.

Thank you for your consideration! Season 3 is awesome so far.


It would be great if they could just get rid of the check screen; maybe have it so that those who have the complete game just load normally and everyone with incomplete rosters needs a check.

It’s even more frustrating that it can take like 30 seconds to a minute sometimes, and today on PC, it does that… but it doesn’t even acknowledge that I already purchased Seasons 2 and 3. 30 seconds for a check that doesn’t even work? What is it actually doing?