Check out this Aganos tech vid!

Short but sweet! There will be stuff folks might have seen, but I’m pretty sure there’s something new for everyone! :slight_smile:

Either I’m out of the loop or this is quite nice!


I’ve seen some of that and used some others, whereas some I have neither seen nor used before. The thing that gets me is the fact that most of those are corner setups.

Noice combos

perfect for a character that can make corners


Exactly my point. :grin:

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awesome stuff god damn!!

Yooo! have yall seen this from MisterJ???

I thought I’ve seen this before but given that my jaw was dropped for most of the vid, I must’ve been too tired to appreciate.

For those that haven’t, enjoy! It’s pretty sick!


Ok those last combos with the blocked Shadow Payload xx Instinct were super hot. Good ■■■■!

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This is very good. Especially the short quick cashouts.