Cheapest/Cheesiest Characters/MU'S?

I, being very new to KI (just got my xbox about a month ago) would love to hear some the crazy ■■■■ when it comes to what characters can do, whether its match-up specific or not. For me I find a Hisako vs. Riptor nearly impossible, but I’ve fought very few Riptors. Also, some of the shenanigans that characters like Omen, Arbiter, and Fulgore can do is crazy.

Please Main Ramm Before you make any claims of bad MUs

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One really hard matchup for Raam and Sadira is Gargos.
For Raam because he is really slow and has hard time dealing with zoning characters ( i guess Kan Ra and Glacius are really bad match ups for him too) and Sadira has problems on this fight because her gameplan consist on jump to start his pressure but Gargos can take her out of the air in 1 second.

Well, if it makes you feel better, Riptor/Sako used to be a lot worse :slight_smile:

But yeah, Raam is probably the character who now has some of the most lopsided MU’s in the game.

Omen should be the least of your worries. There really inst anything he can do that is just absurdly crazy and unstoppable.

Eh, Omen is actually one of the stronger characters in the game right now I think. He’s stupidly mobile, has near best-in-class mixups, always has meter (with which to apply safe pressure or make unsafe pressure safe), and perhaps most importantly, largely gets to dictate the terms of engagement. He’s also got a great corner game, and a decent(ish) meterless reversal to further help him out on knockdown.

If he still had his enhanced damage I think Omen would be the best character in the game easily. Even without it though, he’s still got a ton of tools, and a lot of non-traditional ways in which he can apply pressure.

Anyone who knows how to be lame with zoning tools will give RAAM the match of his life. The only times I reliably beat Gargos or Kan Ra is when the person playing them stops being lame for a second.

I know this…but he isnt a bad MU that can do absurdly crazy stuff that cant be dealt with

He dosnt fit into the category of the title of this thread

Kim Wu has some pretty lopsided matchups too. She has to get in or she’s done for.

I agree with everything you guys said. I’m currently maiming raam and I’ll say this boy o boy Glacius is by far My worst match up its freaking crazy even a bad one give me issues lol

Agreed, I can go toe to toe with a Glacious who’s throwing mix ups, setups, ect at me.
On the other hand, if I have a Glacious spamming triple hail, then activating instinct to travel around the map, it’s a completely different game.

Thats exactly when I lose the match the instinct turns the tide

Raam also has a lopsided match up in his favor with Tusk. Raam can kryll shield absorb all of his sword normals on reaction, and since he can’t special cancel them he can’t interrupt it. Raam can also absorb the spirit step high low. If Tusk tries to bait the shield and block then it just leaves Raam at +8 in his face which is bad, and if Tusk tries to make Raam whiff so he can punish then Raam can just dash cancel it to safety. Tusks only options become to go for grabs a lot, or yolo shadow moves. And if for some reason Tusk manages to get Raam to block something without getting it absorbed, Raam just says “lol, thanks for the free command grab.”

Tusk here. Most raam players are junk and i can just neutral jump out of his pressure. However, you are completely correct and I’ve almost been perfected by a raam with good reads. Feels bad man. As a tusk player i also struggle with any zoning character. Gargos’ tend to spend alot of time airborne though, a huge mistake against tusk. I’m taking 15% 2/3 times they hit the air. That’s the main reason i main tusk. Superb antiair game. I still struggle with yolo orchids, with any character. I mean her options, in close, are second to none.

Agreed, Tusk definitely has a difficult time with RAAM. I’ve taken a few wins against the big guy. There’s been one tusk in particular who caught on so quickly, he was doing light charge into several mix ups. It was impressive as hell.

Well idk, the only 2 characters I really use are Hisako and Raam, and I’ve played about the same amount as each. So maybe RAAM’s my main(?)

Edit: Didn’t realize what you were saying, but yeah I do know what you mean for some of RAAM’s match ups.

Of course you can, as long as you can avoid a grab being able to do a simple jump imediatly after a flip out there will be lots of “junk” RAAMs for you to mock. The only ones that really fall for it (not only tusks) are the ones that are not used to fight RAAM. In the other hand lots of tusks falls to kryll rush, but this do not happens because of this weird mechanic, it happens because they are confident on they’r 1 hit shield.