Characters the reset their level everytime the game is booked up

Anyone else experience this? My shin hisako never gets her costumes or colors, and she’s my pocket main :frowning:

This had been a problem for a long time for me, but i never bothered reporting it because I always thought it would simply fix itself with the next patch.

Lazy I know. After awhile I sorry of the my hands up and said"they’re so behind on bugs I’ll probably be jumping on mvci or dbfz by the time they get around to it, IF they every do (there were so many long-standing bugs).

Now that the mvci/dbfz hope had subsided, in finding myself coming back to ki again and again. I’m back on some hisako, and I have a stick now too… But the big is still there. I thought it was a word but that only I had, so I wouldn’t be priority… BUT… I ran into a lobby with some old players and was chatting it up and I brought up why my son was level 2 but I seemed really good with her. I explained the bug and they were like “ohhhhh that’s like so and so. His eyedol does the exact same thing.”

That’s it, I gotta report it if it’s not just me. I’m not hiding my breath but I hope it gets resolved.

I don’t know how to recreate the bug, but I still see I did a lot of things like download ultimate edition plus seasons and characters individually, sometimes to different HDDS (I have 3 connected, including the internal one)

Hope something can be done, I’ve earned those colors 10 times over for my binshae sako

Ive never heard of this “Bug”.
Can you explain it a little better with no typos or spelling errros?
Can you post a clip of your level not going up?
Can you find out who is “so and so” that also has this issue?

Once you get the clip and best explination together…post it in the BUG THREAD and copy @snickerdoodle and @TotalJimkata
Thats is your best route to getting this corrected. Good Luck!