Characters that help Hisakos bad match ups?

So I saw this thread on the Aganos board and I thought it would be interesting to ask. Of course I want to main Hisako all the way, but of course she’ll have those difficult match ups.

What are some sub characters that help Hisako in her bad areas?

Personally I play a pocket Jago since he has a reliable DP for those pesky air opponents. Also he is extremely balanced so I believe he has very little bad match ups.

I play Spinal when I have trouble in a match up with Hisako. The character tends to have solid match ups across the board so that tends to help.

Sadira does fine in Sako’s bad fights for the most part. She used to be a hard counter to Sako’s absolute worst MU (Riptor), but that’s probably a bit better for the dino now.

Jago’s always a solid pocket to have as well. As you say, he can fight just about anyone pretty well.

Fulgore is my sub character. ppl think they’re about to have an easy time until they see the glare of his red eyes and the glow of his blades. that fugbot just brings in pain and suffering (and ragequits). LOL


I had a match with a Riptor as my Promotion match into Gold… he was a killer with 2 pro stars… needless to say I got bodied :frowning:

Yeah, Riptor’s a really hard fight for Sako unfortunately - you have to work a lot harder than they do to win. Unless you’re just out and out playing better than the Riptor AND have a solid read on them, you’re probably going to lose.

If you keep playing the MU, you’ll eventually get better at it and will begin to recognize some of the more common pressure strings and options Riptor has. For just starting out though, I think the single biggest thing you can do in this fight is learn how to shadow counter. A lot of Riptor’s best options for meaty pressure are pretty shadow counterable - use your meter primarily for those situations. This will force the Riptor into using some less effective and/or more counterable options instead.

I did stomp one yesterday that kept running at me spamming HP fire combo and I just kept breaking it… guess there are terrible ones out there.

Omen covers her harder fights pretty well. Id say orchid does as well