Characters not showing up on pc version

Recently purchased the definitive edition of ki off the windows store on pc. None of the characters were showing up so i saw that i should launch the game on xbox so i installed ki and downloaded all the content on the xbox one. All the content is on the xbox but nothing is showing up on the pc version. I even re-subed to xbox live because it said it required xbox live to sync everything but nothing is working. Saw this was an issue last year but is there any fix yet or am i just unlucky?

I to am having the same problem with my windows version of KI.

I am having the same issue. Works fine on Xbox, but can’t get it to update on PC. I also checked timezone/clock, firewall whitelist, windows store and w10 are updated, and checked for updates to the game in the windows store. I have the DE app downloaded and it works and all, just no season 3 characters showing up. Restarted and everything. Is there something else I’m missing? I know my xbox version got all the characters once I downloaded the individual characters and the update, but can’t seem to do the same thing on the PC.

The content verification on PC is broken since day one. There have been numerous threads with this or similar topic.
So far the devs avoided every single one of them despite being tagged countless times. (This doesn’t mean they aren’t working on a fix…)

If you can’t get it to work, I suggest you contact MS support for a refund, they are very helpful in this regard.
Or maybe you can message @rukizzel and he can work something out.

your xbox live account is different from the email you used to log in to your pc?