Characters logos

Wasn’t sure to post this or in art, it’s not to show something but looking for it. Does anyone know how to get the character’s logos on the selection scree? they look pretty cool!

leveling up or buying KI Gold

I could be mistaken, but I don’t think she’s looking for them inside the game, but to see if they’re downloadable elsewhere.

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I thought his request was strange too.

If any, you have the bottle openers from Ultimate Source or the Pin edition, but dunno.

There is a t-shirt with the logos from the season one cast, but I’m not sure about anything else.

Use the XBOX Game DVR to record your screen, go to the Selection Screen, then back out.
You should be able to grab at least 1 frame of the symbol before the character loads.

Sorry, that’s the best I got. No public vectors are available, to my knowledge.

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Oh, ok. Good one, it’s a pity we can get them any other way.

Indeed, that’s what I was looking for, lol

Nah, not his but “her”. I know my GT is nos feminine in English =S
I was looking for the design.