Characters getting wet on thunder stage

Are they supposed to be bringing this feature back at some point ?

They aren’t wet? Least sadira looks wet on his stage…

And there’s many things that can be…misinterpreted with the title.

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Pretty sure this is still in place :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought their skin used to like get visibly wet, which hasn’t happened for a while. I thought I remember seeing a topic saying that it’s a bug or something and will come back eventually. I could be totally imagining this lol but I coulda swore that like the rain actually had an effect on the characters. Now it just like magically dissipates upon touching them.

No, I mean it still has that effect. Chars get more shiny and have effects as if water is streaming down their face.

Maybe it only happens once the rain is more violent, to the end of the match? Not sure, but I do know I’ve noticed it recently.

I’m pretty sure it never went away.

It doesn’t happen when I play at all for some reason. They are still as dry as can be even on their win pose. The water disappears as soon as it hits them as if like there was a force field or something keeping them dry. I thought I remember the characters looking how the tree and the ground look; visibly drenched in water. I keep thinking that someone made a topic around the time that season 3 first launched saying that it was gone. Weird that you still have it, but who knows really, it could be a bug on my end or something Maybe.

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Your’re right.
There is this topic: KI has been downgraded graphically... again where someone, including me, pointed at some strange behavior came with S3.
One of the missing things is the wet effect disappeared.
Apparently many people never noticed that effect while other, including you and me, did.
During S2 the wet effect was animated and during heavy rain on Thunder stage the water was flowing on bodies (like it does on the stage floor even now in S3).
The “S3 wet effect” is only a switch making textures more shining.

In the linked topic there are also other things pointed/screened/filmed like missing clouds on jago stage, missing heat haze in cinder stage, missing green eerie atmosphere in spinal stage (which was present also in hisako stage except for the green color) and many strange behavior of colors and accessories in various stages.
As before, someone do not notice differences.


Thanks a lot. I really really hope they bring that effect back, along with the others you mentioned as well.

Yeah, the running water effect on characters’ skin is gone. I really hope they bring it back - don’t even really like Thunder’s stage now that it’s gone. :disappointed_relieved:

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Yep, don’t keep your breath anyway…actually @developers moved that topic to the offtopic section also defining it “troll topic”, go figure…oh, right, they never answered to questions regarding that type of argument even if tagged in many posts because, you know, it was a troll topic after all. :zipper_mouth:


Wow really ??

Sure, just read that topic from the start and look for the first and last answer post by TempusChaoti (I summarize: “troll topic, moved to offtopic section until true evidences”).

Just check all the pictures, movies and examples were posted (easily replicable), come back here and tell me how could that be described as troll topic…

Yeah I’ll check it out. Is there any videos or pictures of before and after of the rain effect on it ?

Not specifically, the video posted makes comparison between S2 and S3 Devil’s Landing but you can mostly see how black crush devoured many details on textures (sadira’s blades, shago’s trousers, etc.) while making other aspects way better…the difference on the wet effect can be barely seen during sadira’s ultra (very barely).
To be honest, the new lighting system is great overall, the problem is that in some particular combinations of stage and char color/customization messes things a lot.
My biggest gripe is Shago color 9 which is now mostly unusable, to me, cause his entire lower body is pretty much totally black in almost all stages (except for maya’s one).

EDIT: here, take a look at this video by Max
this is the effect I say is missing in S3 and, well, IT IS MISSING (this and all other things pointed in that “troll topic”)

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Yes ! You can totally see it on thunder especially his win pose, in that video!!! The water literally streams down his skin and also leaves an effect of splashing off of him in a way. It’s tough to explain but you can see it there for sure.

Yeah, the “splashing” effect (where discrete rain particles hit the character and bounce and stream off of them) are still there, but in S3 for whatever reason the general “running water” effect where it looked like water was streaming across the characters’ skin is gone. :disappointed:

Omen looks best on Thunder’s stage… he turns a Blackish-purple in the rain about mid way through the match. I always thought it had something to do with the rain?

they are wet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Do you think there’s a chance they’ll bring it back ? Is it just a bug they haven’t gotten around to fixing or was it removed on purpose I wonder.