Characters for starters?

Agreed. Shago is a fav for new players as they get a lot of wins as he’s a noob killer, but once you get to higher level play, everything falls flat when the gimmicks no longer work.

Still Shago is played at top level. I think a lot of characters get away with that, I mean A LOT in KI. I was just trying to find a character that will fit his request. Of course it’s not my idea to encourage another Shadow Jago, there are plenty of those.


I would put Riptor in that list as well. As a low tier Omen I can say, he’s very easy to learn. Doesn’t have hard inputs (hello DP :arrow_right::arrow_lower_right::arrow_down::arrow_right:) and has some nasty mixups. But it’s hard to unlock his true potential, I think all characters are hard to master, but Omen in particular is one of the hardest. At competitive level we have few Omens out there, but have dozens of Gargos, and Cinders, for instance (and it’s funny to think that they’re harder to learn). So beginners can get frustrated with Omen at certain point, as he doesn’t have some easy mixups who kills people like Shago (although they start to not work anymore at certain level).


Eh. I tend to think Omen’s mixups aren’t particularly difficult…basically just come in when the spirit moves you and toss in some combination of zany aerial movement, then rinse and repeat. -shrug-

Based on your listed preferences @IESPIAbaddon, I’d recommend:

  • Shago (for the reasons Maru listed)
  • Fulgore (character just has everything, and I don’t think his meter management is too hard)
  • Riptor (simple-ish character with options at every range, and ability to just go nuts sometimes)
  • TJ (difficult to zone, relatively simple to play, but will scale well as you improve)
  • Wulf (probably more limited in gameplan/options than your ideal, but very capable of making it to his preferred spaces, and difficult to dislodge once there. Easy inputs)



I agree that Omen’s mixups aren’t hard to perform, but he doesn’t have free-damage-against-low/mid-tier-players-easy-mixups like some characters of the cast (namely Shago, Riptor, and others). And although now I have much respect for Omen (unlike when I started to post here at the community, where I thought he was one of the worst), he’s IMO one of the hardest to unlock true potential. Omen lacks damage (please people don’t say he has damage, even Shago now has more damage than Omen with his damage ender buff), he beats people confounding them with his mixups. Reset with shadow form, and others stuff that I can’t reproduce in my gameplay when I watch very good Omens like ToneriSK8.

At high tier level, as all characters of the cast, his tricks start to not work anymore, the Omen player needs to have more sofisticated mixups. But unlike Shago, this happens much earlier with Omen IMO. I’m at this point. I can’t beat good players with basic tricks like shadow form after unsafe slide, or LK to cause flip out after Orda Ender. But when I fight against a low/mid-tier like me, they fall at these traps. Good players now what I’ll do. Also, auto doubles are kinda meh against them, they break them most of the time! Against high tiers you’re forced to learn manuals as Omen. Of course I’m very very casual, always taking breaks and doesn’t enter in KI some weeks, but I think I know a little about Omen, and it’s being frustating to improve with him. But not because the character is bad, he’s very good actually. That’s why IMO he’s hard to unlock, or I’ll just suck with him forever and need to consider quit Omen for good lol.

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