Character wishlist for KI sequel

If there was a sequel after the new KI (if season 3 will be the last one), what characters do you have in mind for next game?

  • Jago’s apprentice
  • Detective (Sherlock Holmes, Rorschach & John Constantine)
  • Mad Scientist (James Moriarty, Mr. Sinister, Victor Frankenstein & Quan Chi)
  • Psychic - daughter of Gargos (Psylocke, Kitana, Rose, Jean Grey, Raven, Viola, Ermac, Kenshi & Sarah Kerrigan)
  • Elder fighter (Gen, Shujinko, Gouken, Heihachi Mishima, Wang Jinrei, Lei Wulong & Brad Wong)
  • Water - Merman (Rikuo, Rain, Aquaman, Namor)
  • Wind - djinn (Fujin, Smoke, Shaheen & Rashid)
  • Ape (Caesar - Planet of the Apes, Blizzard, Gorilla Grodd & Cy-Gor)
  • Archer (Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Huntress, Katniss Everdeen & Legolas)
  • Indian-Indonesian fighter - fighting styles of Kalarippyattu & Pencak Silat
  • Wrestler (Zangief, King, WWE Wrestlers/Rainbow Mika & WWE Divas)

So hard to choose.


There is at least two logical answers. One of which I don’t need to name for obvious reasons and the other because she’s the Ki version of Juri so yeah.

Like how?

Anyone else got a wishlist for a KI sequel for the next new characters?

Orchid and Sadira? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A griffon fighter! I could make a ref XD

Check out these. See what characters you can make out of these ones.

Warrior - Jago, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, TJ Combo, Maya, Kim Wu, Tusk
Beast-Warrior - Sabrewulf
Aqua - Glacius
Zombie - Spinal, Hisako
Machine - Fulgore, ARIA
Spellcaster - Kan-Ra
Dinosaur - Riptor
Fiend - Omen/Shadow Jago, Mira, Gargos
Rock - Aganos
Pyro - Cinder

Aqua - Shark-Human hybrid: Genetic experiment done by UltraTech to make an aquatic warrior.

Warrior - Crusader: Wielding a flail and a shield that has access to the abilities of Holy powers. Possibly a statue of an English warrior from the Middle Ages brought to life.

Spellcaster (or Pyro) - Fire Sorceress: Grew up on a small island in Hawaii. She was kidnapped by some fanatics who tried to sacrifice her to their god, but instead became an instrument of its power. After she killed the fanatics by accident, she fled her home to learn how to control it for the betterment of humanity.

Reptile (Beast-Warrior) - Gorgon: Basically just search for the Slither Topic that (I think) @xSkeletalx made.

I’ll think of some more later. (Nice Yu-Gi-Oh reference there though)

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Don’t forget there are archetypes too.

There are references KI could use.

And here’s also Cardfight! Vanguard

Fish - Merfolk is best since Rikuo from Darkstalkers. There can be a survivor of Atlantis who desires to restore the ancient city.

Dragon - After Gargos - as a gargoyle, new enemies can involve a dragon. A humanoid dragon.

Insect - Now that Riptor is a cybernetic raptor, a hybrid of insect & human blends in. If done Frankenstein, it’ll be designed with pieces of various insects with various abilities from each one. A mantis’ blade, a bee’s/wasp’s/hornet’s stinger, centipedes that can stretch & beetle shells, etc.

Psychic - Psychic characters are hard. Look through here:

You’re half right.

Anyone else?

  • Mexican Gunslinging Martial Arts elder
  • Archer Elf