Character unlocks

Since mimics skins aren’t in you yet is it going to be the player that beats gargos who gets it unlocked or the whole team you have?


Eh,…yeah, I dont know if you’re going to want those mimics in you…

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can we just use KI gold for the ones we want?
seems like a chore

I figured that those who got the ultra.combo edition would just get all the mimic skins when SL launches on the 20th as those who got the ultra combo edition is entitled to everything anyway. The package is supposed to include everything.

I assume they will get them, but still do have to unlock them.

Unlockables are thrown into games to give you purpose and goals to work to, if they would just use them on the 20th a big reason to play shadow lords (besides it being fun) is taken from the game.

Being able to get them for some KI gold as a shortcut though (like the colors/etc) would be a nice idea for the people who dont want to grind.

Ultra editions have never given you pre-unlocked content. Everything that needs to be earned is still locked.

I assumed the unlock criteria was just encounter the applicable mimic to get the skin

I have a feeling it’ll be a little more work than that, not sure what though.

Dern. Well you know what they say about assuming. So that’s on me, my bad.

It’s probably going to be beating shadow lord with your captain and that character gets their mimic skin.

Beating Gargos with X character might be a little harsh if you bugger it up and they die, maybe you could unlock the skins for all three characters you take into the final battle so long as you succeed?
I think I read the unlockables included more than just mimic skins, too. Crossing my fingers for that.

Was wandering about this myself, really looking forward to see what unlocks we get and hopefully the criteria won’t be silly.

They could just add them to the emporium like many other loot pack driven games do.

I just kinda assumed you got it for beating Gargos with each character, or at least having them on your team. The method of acquiring them is still a mystery though.

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Instead of defeating Gargos (Because you get the astral plane as a reward) maybe have it so that you have a percentage chance (say 5% for example) by defeating that mimic. It would give longevity to the mode but also add unlockables for less skilled players who are struggling with Gargos.