Character Select

I saw this art back in S1, but now that the cast for KI is effectively complete, all I can say is HOLY COW! :cow:

Props to the artist(s), known as XAMOEL on, where I found the image.

So, what do you think of the image? Also, it’s time to select your character - out of all of the characters in the image, which is your favorite, artistically-speaking, and why? :art:

P.S. - I like Kan-Ra because, well, he appears to be suffering from the curse commonly known as…



I love them all, specially that the art is consistent, unlike the game itself :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it, its the kinda art style that would work for some animated shorts.

Glacius looks like it took a while to draw, props.

Excellent and amazing artworks on them :grin: :clap:

It’s ■■■■■■■ beautiful :joy:

Cinder; I love how his flames look

Very symmetrical & nice style
I like Aria most

I like Mira and Hisako, they be my girls. Also think aganos looks cool the way he seems to hold the frame like he wants to get out.

Sidenote: Kim-Wu is cross eyed…

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Wow I love that the S3 characters were added, awesome!

This art is my cover art for my twitter page or my Facebook page…I didnt know it had been added to and completed though…thanks… I will have to update my page!

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Lol they all are cross eyed.
I thought that was the artist’s trademark lol

Only one I don’t find cross eyed is hisako

Was watching on a phone screen, didnt notice it then, but you’re right…still I find it more noticable on Kim-Wu for some reason, maybe the way she holds herself…

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FTFY, buddy.

On topic, Omen is my favorite. His Dennis the Menace face looking in Gargos’ direction is priceless.