Character "Prestiges"

So, being stuck at LVL 50 since season 2 is cool and all, and with them not increasing the cap to 100 for Season 3, why not let us “prestige” and earn a different colored star or icon? I think that would be pretty awesome for the dedicated players, character specialists…


That by far imo is the most terrible idea. The grinding would be more cruel than rewarding which would lead to some negative backlash from players who will burn out from trying to prestige. Plus what would the stars even reward the players with?

Let Call of Duty handle prestiges.

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Wouldn’t work. This is the KI community where no one can be rewarded because everyone else starts complaining that they can’t get it.


Wow lol… It would be OPTIONAL… what’s wrong with giving someone credit who gets a million xp points (which we still get at lvl 50 btw) with a character? Backlash would be out of the question, as it wouldn’t be any different than me as the system is now, trrying to get 50 with rash… I’m not going to bc i don’t want to, and i’m not complaining about it.

Prestige can give you:
-Unique gamecard taunts and icons
I like it


Prestige? What is this? CoD?

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Not prestige exactly, but something similar… Hence the " "

I think making it a color would anger people, but a charecter icon, backround and quote would be nice.

Yeah, I don’t mind the idea so long as the reward isn’t like something extraordinary. Just like an icon or unique taunt would be cool. It’d be nice to push Jago as far as possible and not just get locked at level 50.

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I see that most of the reactions here have been fairly negative, so I just want to leave my opinion.

As a player who’s mostly a single-player… player I could appreciate a feature like this. I don’t think I’d want to see the ability to prestige/promote/echelon/whatever you call it for each character but for the overall account 1-50 rank I’d be okay with it. Giving people “stars” similar to what the top 32 killers get but exclusive to player account XP, just to show off that you’ve played a lot of KI despite never reaching the top killer ranks.

I don’t even think such a feature would need rewards, just give people a little incentive to keep playing the solo game.


Yes, something subtle for sure… Like a different character star or icon/banner/etc… A color that you couldn’t obtain or purchase would drive people mad lol… but SOMETHING would be awesome, why give us all this xp at lvl 50 for no reason? I know there’s a total xp tally in the fight stats, but if you’re going to have character levels in a fighting game, 50 is incredibly too low…

Or… a color 10… you coud purchase the figure, or grind it

So for example if you can afford the price of a figure, you can still grind the color.

I mean, I would really accept lvl up all the way up again Fulgore for his color 10

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I don’t really think an extra reward would be necessary, but I do like the idea of showing that you put time into a character well past level 50.

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I think just some sort of notation for the amount of time you’ve invested in a character would be nice. It doesn’t have to be a reward or anything. I do find it less appealing to play my level 50 characters currently.

I’d be selfishly bitter if they started giving away color 10’s to people for free given that I made the investment in the figures to get them. I suppose you can hate me for that and it’s petty for that to bother me but I’m just being honest. I like exclusivity for showing support especially when it has no impact on gameplay/balance.


Achieve Level 50 again, and you get a tiny Keits face on your Playercard.
Just an idea.


If something like this were implemented, I think it should go towards unique Fight Titles and stuff.
Honestly what I’d really want is to get a higher Player level and get the chance to unlock some KI2 music and some new concept art for things like The Astral Plain

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