Character Interactions

I’m Not Sure If This Is An Existing Post, If So, Please Forgive Me.

I Would Like To See The Characters Interact With One Another, Kind Of Like MKX. I Think It Would Make The Game More Exciting. Just My Personal Opinion.


Yeah I think that would be really awesome. It would be really cool to hear what the team could come up with in terms of Ki characters saying unique things to each other.


Fulgore:Beep Beep Beep
Cinder:What? English? I hope your fight is tougher than your talk.


It’s one of those things that would be really cool, until you remember that a goodly chunk of the cast either does not speak or speaks in a language that the other character would be highly unlikely to understand.

Thunder speaks Nez Perce, Sadira speaks Thai, Hisako speaks Japanese, Riptor makes raptor noises, Aganos just kinda looms, Fulgore has a shrill mechanical beeping/charging thing going on, etc etc. I think the banter thing is actually really cool in MKX, but it really wouldn’t fit in this game. :confused:


Exactly. Jago? Maybe. Wulf? No. Glacius? No. Thunder? Different language so no. Orchid? Yes. Sadira? Different language so no. Spinal? No. Fulgore? No. Tj? Yes. Maya? Yes. Kan-Ra? Yes. Riptor? No. Omen? Yes. Aganos? No. Hisako? No. Cinder? Yes. Aria? Yes.
9 no’s. 1 maybe.7 yes’s. Modt of the cast can’t do this so it will be pointless.

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Unlikely though awesome - every season theyd need to pay VAs to do all the interactions. MKX DLC so far has features a cast which by coincidence im sure dont speak.

Still we NEED new interactions… even if just for their various “rivals” to add a bit of spice to them.

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