Character ideas for season 4 thread

hey guys i have taken a break from KI to play other games lol. but i was thinking of original characters that could be in a possible season 4 of KI. I was thinking of a real cool addition to the cast, the being that made tusk immortal. Tusk is defending the guardians, what if one of the guardians, like an angelic being, was forced to take of gargos? It could look holy looking but have like magical offense and the ability to heal itself. what do you guys think? any other ideas you guys have?

I would like a winged feathered fighter. At the start, he has his wings wrapped around his arms. He can shoot feathers from them as projectiles. In instinct though, he releases his wings and can freely fly anywhere on the screen up to a certain height.

There is another thread like this here

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oh ok sorry

Another Ultratech weapon of war.

Riptor, Fulgore and Cinder are all homebrew creations from UT. Let’s get another one on stage. Or even a failed one thats pushing their own agenda.

can u giv me the link to that thread

yea the angelic being could be half angel half fallen angel, he/it will have apocalyptic powers, like lightning falling from the sky and morphing reality to its bidding

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