Character Idea Showcase (Up Next: Daisuke, the Haunted Armor)


I’m just gonna go one by one and maybe you can update them.

Well the speedster character, I thought of The Flash, Quicksilver & Kabal. Racing is speed. Going fast and all. I thought of The Fast & the Furious if the guy was a former race car driver and the stage would be something like a race track where racers are racing on the cars & bikes, going loop-de-loops and all that in Hot Wheels.

And since The Flash, with some corporation’s help (which isn’t Ultratech), he broke the speed force - the barrier.




Alright, see? There’s some stuff to work with here. Let me see if I can’t make up a quick mock-up for this.

Backstory: Okay, so you got Romer, the Lightfooted Rebel. He was a badboy drag racer that dominated the underground circuits of Germany. The Autobahn was his second home and he lived for the rush of going fast. During one of these events, a strange man offered him the ultimate ticket to his passion for speed. He was taken to a strange facility where he was led into a machine. This, the man told him, would agitate the particles in Romer’s body with kinetic energy. He had found the secret to perpetual motion and this was his way of trying it out. Romer thought that was kinda stupid, but no skin off his bones. The guy told him he’d be able to break the sound barrier by the time he was done and that’s all he needed. He was given a funny looking suit that was “for his protection”. The machine began to whir, and Romer felt the very fabric of his body being torn asunder. As it fell silent once more, Romer stumbled out of the chamber. It was a success, the man announced. He told Romer that his body was essentially a living cloud of atomic particles flying at dangerous speeds only contained by the suit he wore. If Romer took that suit off, he would perish in the blink of an eye. It was a lot to take in, but the racer was mostly unphased. Now came the catch. The man needed Romer to travel to the streets of Tokyo and find a man known as the Venom’s Fist. The strange man had augmented this Venom’s Fist sometime in the past, and still stayed in contact with him. The Venom’s Fist was waging a war against UltraTech from the shadows, and the strange man wanted to help him as much as he could. That’s where Romer came in. He accepted the terms rather easily. He didn’t really care. As long as there was high-octane action, Romer was more than happy to be there.

How’s that for some backstory for the dude?


That’s a good story. My characters need pushes on their stories.

“Romer” as you called him, I like him as both a drag & a street racer. He also holds a past that scarred him. His parents - his father (based on Paul Walker) was killed in some accident, while his mother (based on Nora Allen) was killed by some assailant. The guy who invented the speed suit didn’t tell him about another power that he possesses to not only go fast. But also to travel or control time. He hopes to go back in time to save his parents someday.


Psychic character.

Remember the movie Carrie? Well I thought of this character to be a vulnerable person growing up with psychic powers she can’t control Eventually, faking her death, she hides at a circus as a gypsy, learning to master her powers and who she really is. Plus remember Raven, since she’s the daughter of Trigon, maybe the girl as a daughter of Gargos.

After the events of Gargos, she witnessed Jago through her crystal ball. She took an infatuated interest in Jago knowing she was a victim of Gargos.

Liu Kang & Kitana have a romance. Why not her and Jago?

Plus Rose with Soul Power & Bison with Psycho Power. Gargos’ legacy cursed her.


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They’re your characters, you do with them however you wish. I’m just offering an example of how I would go about it when just starting with a concept. As with the time travel, I would have it be that Romer can travel backwards through time, but only a couple moments and it costs a great amount of energy. The strange man says he will modify his suit to travel back further if Romer holds up his end of the bargain. But again, that’s just how I would go about. Don’t let me take your characters in a direction you don’t want to go in.



I’ll take your word. Thanks for the boost.

But what do you think of them so far?


You got something going. Just work with them an flesh them out and you should be golden.


I will.

I’m no good with a psychic character. Do you think you can help me? I’ll do with some.


As much as I like the “King shark”, I’d prefer going the merman/mermaid route.

Water Character:

A merman/mermaid and royal family member from the city of Atlantis. He/she wishes for his/her people to be on the surface once again after being under the sea for thousands of years. He/she fears that the city and the peoples’ way of life is dying. With Ultratech’s help, the people of Atlantis can be assured of a future where the people of the surface & Atlantis can live in peace.



Instinct Mode: Transform into a fish-like state.

Like Riptor since he’s based on Talon from Primal Rage, an ape can be a nice edition for it to be based on Blizzard & Chaos. A sign to bring Primal Rage back to life.

An ape who was part of an experiment from another corporation rivaling Ultratech. It gave him enhanced intelligence. Watching the events of the Shadow Lords, he bided his time to await for the event to be over. The corporation he was created from, waited for Gargos’ end until their appearance to take down Ultratech & their experiments.

The ape was experimented by a scientist (similar to Harrison Wells & Will Rodman). Kept as a pet to be protected, eventually it grew out of it after being sent to the zoo. The ape thinks their kind should the world. He sees Riptor as its archenemy. Thin King Kong & Godzilla.

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Sorry, I’ve been busy the past few days, but I was able to cook up a rather rough idea for a psychic character.

Thracia, the Binding Clairvoyant - A Bulgarian woman destined to link three great warriors. Born in a small Bulgarian village years ago, Thracia was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. As she grew, Thracia learned what power she had and what she could do with it. She could summon a pair of spectral hands that could interact with objects from afar. She could command snakes to her will and cure their bites. Her most valuable gift, however, was her second sight. Thracia would have visions of seemingly random events that would come to pass in the future. She could also communicate with a mystic spirit that called itself The Charm. The Charm could tell her more directly what her visions meant, but it could also give her access to valuable alchemical knowledge. The village was home to heavy amounts of Coven traffic and they caught wind of her. On her 18th birthday, she spoke with The Charm in her dream about her being in danger. The Charm told her that evil men would kill her family and try to take her away. The only way she could escape this is if she crossed a creek to the north that led to the city of Pleven. Thracia had asked The Charm if she could warn her family, but the spirit told her that doing so would deviate from fate. If that were to happen, the outcome would be unpredictable, though they would most likely be captured. Thracia snuck into the woods with a heavy heart as she left her family without a goodbye and headed to the north. She took her pet snake Skudra with her so she would have something to remember her home. As she was running from her house, she saw strange figures closing in on it. Thracia ran with all her strength northwards. The journey was arduous, but she eventually reached Pleven. Here, she used her powers to make a living. She walked the streets at night, on edge and waiting for the Coven to attack. They came on occasion, trying to kidnap or kill her. However, their ambushes were nullified by her premonitions. She’d use her telekinetic hands or command Skudra to send them packing. One dark night, she was struck by one of the most vivid visions she ever had. A dark mass enveloping the earth, followed by a light paved by three warriors reviving the world. One warrior had a striking mask, another an elegant bow, and the last an iron stare. When Thracia spoke to The Charm that night, she asked the meaning of this vision. The Charm told her that this vision held great meaning and it meant a new chapter had begun in her life. The dream proved that The Charm was correct in assuming Thracia was The Seamstress. The Seamstress, The Charm explained, was a woman of legend who was destined to bring together those who would save the world. Through her visions, she would be the one who would unite the warriors and tell them of their purpose. However, the challenge lay with finding these defenders in the first place. It would take all of her cunning, but Thracia was ready.


So the Coven is involved with this girl huh? Interesting, you just gave me something for me to figure out! Thanks.

An old/elder fighter following Heihachi, Gouken, Gen, Wang & Shujinko. It’s a tough one too. Either male or female. If female, I’m thinking of Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho.


I actually already had an elder dude as one of the characters I thought of. That’s Crowley. He’s pretty heavily inspired by Gehrman from Bloodborne.


Oh. But does he follow the old fighters from other fighting game franchises? What’s his story?

I also thought of a wrestler for something based on the WWE since TJ Combo is based off of Mike Tyson. But you already got the wrestler anyway.


Crowley’s whole deal is he’s an old man who worked with the Night Guard for nearly a century, and now’s he trying to repay an old friend.


Ah! But the Night Guard he’s from South America? Or another place? Africa? Asia? North America? Australia?


He’s British.


Ah! European.

Well anyway… since Glacius is liquid, Cinder is plasma & Aganos is solid. I thought of something as wind/air for gas.

Aganos is a golem. Maybe a sylph. Unless your djinn is already in the periodic table.


Ben Ferris has a sister who is saddened for his poor choice on being a master thief. Another corporation involving supernatural forces. A mad scientist remodels her into a being of wind… gas-like energy. They codenamed her Sylph. She wants to save Ben who is now Cinder from his own ambitions.

Or I should go for a name like “Shutu” named after the Sumerian god of wind.

I thought of X-Men’s Storm, Wind Dancer & Whirlwind


I myself had a wind character as well, that being Foehn the bird dude. But, regarding yours, I would go with Sylph over Shutu

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Your bird character is good with some vibes of Archangel & Hawkman.

I thought of completing the elemental ring.

Are you familiar with a detective & mad scientist? Sherlock Holmes vs James Moriarty?

For a detective, I’ve thought of something like Sherlock Holmes, William Murdoch (Murdoch Mysteries), Batman, Rorschach, Larcen Tyler, John Constantine, Yusuke Urameshi & Captain Boomerang.

He possesses enhanced deduction and spiritual powers and exorcism. His ancestor was involved with paranormal investigations and now the descendant carries it out. His ancestor was after a mad scientist for wicked experiments which will later lead to Ultratech or another corporation rivaling it.

For gameplay:
He possesses various gadgets, a cane, boomerangs & a handy dandy spirit gun.

And as for the mad scientist, that’s a problem. I thought of something from various mad scientists. The most is Mister Sinister/Nathaniel Essex. Kan-Ra felt Shang Tsung to me. This one would feel like Quan Chi. With the albino skin as its look.


  • James Moriarty
  • Victor Frankenstein
  • Henry Jekyll & Edward Hyde
  • Dr. Moreau
  • Otto Octavius/Doc Ock
  • Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom
  • Hugo Strange (a mad psychiatrist)
  • Green Goblin/Harry Osborne
  • Alistair Smythe
  • Lex Luthor
  • Albert Wesker

I’m thinking that this guy can use ionic energy like Wonder Man. In Instinct Mode he’ll go into something like Cinder but in ionic energy. Tentacles can be used in the gameplay as well like Doc Ock.

This guy is obsessed with absolute godhood, dreaming of a new mankind. Rejected by Charles Darwin for his ridiculous theories despite the teachings of natural selection. He tested his experiments on his sickened wife and it worked.

The detective was sent by the woman’s estranged father to find out what he’s given her. This issued a fight between the detective and the scientist. The scientist however escaped. He followed him and their battle ended up in a place similar to Reichenbach Falls. The scientist survived but the detective died, but leaves his legacy to his descendant to stop him.


I put in a few votes. Eagle, Wendigo, Kelvin, the Luchadore, the cowboy/outlaw, Sol, Sharkman, Bone Dragon…

But about Kelvin
I’ve been reading things in Glacius’s Shadow Lords dossier, and something tells me he’s not going to be a benevolent entity, and certainly not a galactic deputy…

In fact, there’s a good chance he’s an inter-galactic war criminal.