Character idea for future KI

Since there is a good chance we’ll see a s4 or some future possibilities for KI, what are some ideas for brand new characters they should create for KI?

One idea I have is for a zombie, not talking like Spinal or Hisako since they don’t exactly count as zombies. I’m thinking a more full fledged out zombie like Walking Dead. Doesn’t have to be brought back from the dead, could be some form of infected like I Zombie, Dying Light, WWZ kind of thing.

Another character I would like to see would be a space marine. Can’t deny that this isn’t popular today and I wonder how this could be further explored into KI.

Any thoughts?

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At first thought, Zombie and Space Marine seem like pretty generic character ideas. The cast already has a couple undead options like you mentioned, and Arbiter seems like he already has most of the tools a Space Marine would have. How would you make those characters different?

I too feel the undead thing has been covered in all angles especially now with Eyedol.

I do sorta want a space western character…


That is why I mentioned “not” like Hisako or Spinal. I mentioned some references to like WWZ, Dying Light which are more infected or mutated rather than risen from the dead which would be different and Arbiter is a guest character, i’m talking about an original idea created by IG.

Again the inspiration i’m thinking of is more of an infected zombie like Dying Light and State of Decay and 28 Days Later unless I missed something and Eyedol or another existing characters story is related to this idea.

The space character idea could be cool since that is very popular today and it doesn’t have to look like a generic space marine or even human and could be something more unique than that.

How would the zombie character play differently,though? Would it be more of a rush down character, zoner, grappler, or what? Same thing with the space marine. I think both your ideas could work, but the characters would need to have some type of mechanic about them that separates them from other similar characters already in the cast.

Eyedol is the closest thing you’re going to get to a zombie, I’m afraid…

Besides, why would you want a slow, shambling creature that can only be defeated by having its brain destroyed and that can automatically win with a successful zombie fever bite attack on hit?

Hmm, i’m thinking maybe the zombie would be a rush down with some grappling incorporated. I haven’t thought of a space marine play style but it would have to be something beyond.

It doesn’t really have to be slow, it can be fast like in WW2, 28 Days Later and Days Gone. Maybe even like in The Last of Us where they move quick. It’s the same thing like saying how can Mira survive in the sunlight and not burn up or how she survives being stabbed in the chest and heart. Also aren’t zombies supposed to bite? I don’t think Eyedol does.


Hmmm. Maybe if the zombie was a hit and run grappler, and was able to spend life to get armor or other rush down tools? Something to try and simualte the idea of a fast moving zombie that wants to get in close in order to bite/feed, and seemingly shrugs off damage.

For the Space Marine/Space character I’m having problems visualizing what that character would be. I keep seeing a character with a ranged weapon/grenades, and then it just makes me think of Arbiter. Maybe some type of a heavy zoner who relies heavily on technology/space themed gadgets for the zoning?

That’s kind of what I had in mind for the zombie. Now the question is whether it would be better off being as a large brute or more smaller to average height.

The space marine can go many ways, maybe like a Jedi or Space bounty hunter could be cool.

I would like a character that uses a whip-like weapon. (Think SC2 Ivy). I always loved her crazy combos where she could knock people into the air and then drag them right back down to the ground.

Then there’s Summon Suffering and Calamity Symphony.

If there’s a choice, then I’m all for a smaller character. Season 3 was full of huge fighters.
What do you guys think of a small grey alien with a chip on his shoulder? He could be hard to pin down & a boss with his death ray :space_invader:

I got it! The Ultimate Guest character! Elmo from Sesame Street!

Please do this, IG. Instinct kills the chicken and gives the opponent salmonella.

It’s from H.G. Wells: Food of the Gods

I think, it’ll make for a fairly unique reference.

Smaller zombie sounds good.

I was thinking for the space marine it could be more of a trap heavy/set up heavy character. Similar to Lex from Injustice. The character could try and control space with things like mines, portable turrets, maybe have a drone assist similar to Sonya from MKX. Something of that nature.

I think it has potential and would be interesting gameplay mechanics. Someone that be of harder reach to hit since they are so low to the ground. Reminds me of Gon’s play style from Tekken 3, which was always annoying to fight.

Yeah I could see the zombie being of more smaller or average sized. Now I had some ideas of how it’d look appearance wise from inspirations to Walking Dead to more like Sate of Decay, but it would just look like an average human all battered up. Maybe something like in Left 4 Dead where they look more deformed or Dead Space with a twisted reanimated look but that might take away from the zombie trope.

The space marine idea sounds pretty good. Maybe also be able to control time.

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Yo time control instinct powers would be sick, but I don’t know how IG would balance that!

I could imagine that it would work out like the character does a combo & then pops instinct and time rewinds to before that combo started but now there are 2 of you on the screen. Your past self doing the combo & you from the future are free to start another. So basically they’ve 2 versions of you in the fight.

I was thinking time control could also include speeding up the round clock, to try and win with a time out. Get a lead, then try and play keep away while keeping enough space to activate special moves which drain the clock. It could be somewhat of a double edged sword, since falling behind while trying to drain time would be a huge risk. Mostly I was just interested in a different strategy to try and win. Like playing Magic the Gathering and trying to win by attrition instead of draining the opponents life.