Character guides on YouTube

Well dojo is great but it can’t teach everything, so that’s when the YouTube comes in …oh never mind :frowning: ok , sometimes people want to jump in and combo well we have combo help but when you want to level up its time to ride without the safety on. So if your a character wiz share your stuff on the tube like character trait, bnb combos beginner to advanced , Strategy etc not every one knows about the forums so if we make some guides for the newcomers that would be great. Sorry about the random post it’s late :smile: what do you think?

There has been some people stepping recently and actually posting guides like Infil, Geoff and more. Speaking for myself I plan to do a ton of content for KI on my channel when S3 comes out breaking down almost every character and talking about that kind of stuff. Quite frankly I think the reason why we aren’t seeing much now is that S2 is basically over and S3 is on the cusp so not really worth putting in the effort to teach people about stuff that is about to change. If you’re just looking for old S2 content check out the channel of SupermanSajam on YouTube as he has breakdowns a lot of characters.

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Here are some links to the stuff LCD was talking about:
This channel has a lot of character overviews on it, as well as some breakdowns of matches and online play sessions to study from.

Infil’s Killer Instinct Guide
I wrote a pretty comprehensive guide to the game, including system mechanics and character overviews. It’s not a youtube video but I hope you’ll find something interesting here.

Killer Instinct 101 series
Geoff the Hero, Bastfree and I also are trying to do some KI tutorial videos offering some neat tips and tricks. We’re in a bit of a lull right now due to things being hectic around Christmas, but hopefully we’ll pick it up early next year with a few more videos before S3 comes out.


check out her0 of tim3 channel. he uploads high level matches everyday.

Thanks guys , I think this will help :slight_smile: