Character Factions

With so many character’s available right now in KI, and with more coming, I thought that it’d be cool if there were factions for each character in the game. I’ve heard that there’s already a faction for Sadira called “Web Nation” which is badass, but I wonder if we could establish fun little factions for the rest of the cast, like the Jago Dojo, the Wulf Pack, etc.

The Great Nation of Fulgornia.


No… the Glorious Nation of Fulgornia, where Fulgores live peacefully in lush factories and beautiful clouds of pollution. Until one day, the evil Sadiras of Web Nation invaded, purging Fulgornia into war. Only the Progore, a Fulgore who has ascended the rank of killer, can defeat Web Nation and restore peace to Fulgornia…

But yeah, Fulgornia needs to become a thing XD.

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The progore has achieved a new poer so powerful it made him glow with this white light around him in contrast with his black armor. In order to extract his vengance,he has learned many tricks the Fulgores cannot do. How? He came to a mystical training place and learned from his long time rival. Silver Jago. He learned the arts of footsies,frametraps,and is learning juggles. Why did Silver Jago teach Progore? The Web Nation and the Wulf Pack game and destroyed his temple and killed many Jagos in training. Together,they lable their fighting style,shoto due to having a fireball,dragon punch,and a forward thrusting move. Will they be able to defeat the Wulf army and restore peace to the temple and the nation of Fulgornia,or will the Animals wreck havok and destroy them both? A NEW TEAM ENTERS THE WAR. A skeleton army rises from the ground. An army who calls themselves the Boners of Time. Along with them is an army of female ghosts. Their graves were disturbed by the battle of the two teams. They will end all who disturb their eternal rush.

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As in MKX styled “factions”, or just fun nicknames for mains of the character?

I think Jago players just use the generalized “Jago Army”, and yes, Fulgore players have Max’s legendaary “Fulgornia.”

Some of the others could be pretty easy. “The Combo Gym” for TJ, “Heralds of Gargos” for Omen, etc.

I like character nicknames for mains.

Fun little nicknames for mains of the characters, pretty much. And yeah, the Jago Army and Fulgornia are pretty accepted in the community. I think it would be pretty fun if someday, someone made a tournament where they would get two factions full of characters appropriate to their faction (Jargo Army, Wulf Pack, Glacius Armada, etc.) and dish out against each other.

Meanwhile, the Boners of Time are currently raging war with the Tusk Tribe after the chief of the Tusk Tribe began sending angry messages to the caption of the Boners of Time when Spinals began cosplaying as Vikings.


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Guys everyone is getting to carried away with character specific factions. The factions are basically laready created

Ultra tech
Shadow lords
Monster hunters or whatever Mayas group is called
Dragon Spirit clan

Not " the glorious nation of Fulgornia" LOL

Just yesterday I was thinking I wouldnt mind a character select screen split up in factions.

Good guys
Shadow lords + troops

Or something like that

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That would be interesting XD

Nah…“Glorious Nation of Fulgornia” just has a much nicer ring to it. :laughing:

And Maya’s clan are called “the Night Guard” to the guy wondering above. :+1:

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