Character Color Confirmation Option

There should be a way to confirm the color choice chosen for your character. There currently is no “lock in” option like there is when making a gear selection. It may randomly default back to the original color scheme for the outfit. If there is a way to lock in the color already, please advise. I do know that I’ve seen the issue within the Shadow Lab when trying to customize the color there.

I miss the days in S1 when you could lock a color into an accessory setup…

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Yep, I do agree. We may have to wait until Season 3 to see that fix.

Bumping this topics back on the map…

why cant we pick the color for our Shadow Customization? Seems like this should have been corrected by now. We can pick our accessories but the color remains default…therefor…it just doesn’t look right!

Come on MS!!! Fix this next patch please!!! And add a Shadow Game Tag search bar please…thank you

Thank you sir. I wonder how long the fix will take. Shadow Jago is finally out, but then to truly personalize the shadow and mirror his look to yours, this one final piece is needed. Maybe in March, I hope.

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Hey guys…loving the new Shadow Jago and UI changes!

Any chance we can get the Shadow customization color choice to appear along with the accessories of our choice when our shadow fights? Currently it stays at default color :imp:

And please, a Shadows Game Tag search bar…currently takes way to long to find a new GT thats jot already your friend or at the top of the leader board.

Excellent job though! Cant wait for more Killer Instinct!!