Character Backstory - The Quest of the Searing Skull


I don’t think Spinal will completely lose the ability to curse, I think it will be nerfed though.

Well according to IG’s latest stream…the only character that will have an Ultimate, is Shago. So guess that shows that these new moves will actually be new moves. Maybe some of them with that new “stagger” mechanic they were talking about.


I don’t think “curses are going great to drain a tiny bit less” would be worth putting in the story though, the fact that they explicitly mentioned it suggests more than just a reduction in drain values.

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After seeing Shago’s ultimate move, that makes me think that more characters will have a super high damage move that can only be used during instinct. It probably won’t deal 48% damage like Shago’s, but maybe a guaranteed 40% - 45% of something like that depending on how much instinct meter you have left. That might really help out some character’s whose instinct is pretty mediocre. If that is a thing, I can’t wait to see what the other new moves are and how they are utilized. Also guessing that Fulgore’s story should have been out today, but probably got delayed. REALLY have been looking forward to this one as he’s my main.




Now if that alludes to a move similar to Psylockes super in the fighting game Next Dimension, I’m on board


I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t think it’s a mechanic that the game really needs. But it is something hype that will probably generate interest from the gaming public and might help in generating interest for S3/the PC game. We will see what they do.


Some of the moves might be an extra ability as well, maybe not an offensive move. Orchid’s background makes me think of something like that since it said something about her being more stealthy. Maybe it makes the instinct drain faster or a one time move that can give you a really big advantage when used. Not sure. Like you said, interested to see what they will do.


I do agree that Annilation should not be a move that oher character shsould have. People will become to reliant on it and may not even bother practicing to master their characters. Even if you can get hit out of it, it’s still WAY to easy to win.

Well have to see what is in store for us.


What if the king was eyedol or he is their god that they worshipped for stopping gargos at that time, I’m pretty sure that he would be the only being to be able to stop gargos anyway.


I don’t think that all of them would get a 0 frame activated command grab. Jago’s new move eluded to a newer fireball, Thunder with his sammimish. Wulf with a new pouncing attack. Maybe these new moves are all only available during instinct and might consume a bit of instinct when performed. This is just a guess of course. I agree that no one else needs a move like Annihilation, that should stay Shago’s.


What if these are not even related to their Instinct? ever considered that possibility? I suppose we’ll find out when that happens anyway.


Late post, but:
Spinal’s story is super cool. Love how it ties in to so many other characters :smiley: Makes me excited for Fulgore’s new/improved back story.
As far as his new stuff goes… Sounds like he might be trading some of his meter manipulation (sad face.jpg) for some more high risk-high reward rushdown shenanigans (happy face.jpg?)?


What if Spinal’s curse’s decrease to the point that he can’t prevent your Instinct from ever activating like he does currently with Ultra-Safe 50/50s so eventually you’ll still get Instinct no matter how many times you get hit with a S.Skull. Even better solution is Once you Have Instinct Activation available Spinal can no longer remove that from you. While it’s building he can make it take longer to build, but once it’s there for you to activate he can no longer take that from you, it’s yours until you actually activate it.

However his Teleport BS might grow in wildness, like he can stab his sword through a portal and strike you Quan-Chi style; Or he can Teleport from the ground and reappear in the air to follow up with a Dive Kick or a really unsafe but hilariously tricky Air S.Teleport. That would be interesting.

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Very nice! love the explanation of why his curses are weakening lol. Good writing!

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Was Spinal really reborn as a dead skeleton during the Golden Age of Piracy? Cause if I recall, his song was Swedish.

He must’ve taken on the pirate life in the Caribbean after being burned alive in Babylon.