Character Backstory - The Quest of the Searing Skull


The Shadow moves


Ehhh…maybe. It is entirely possible, but I’m not sure if I’d go that far with his power…yet.

If that were the case though, then Gargos would have a lot in common with the One Being from MK; an transcendent entity that is both everything, and nothing.

In MK, the kombatants are able to do the things they do because they are tapping in to the fabric of the universe, essentially using the OB’s power at will. That could be the case here (or something like it), but that would mean (in my mind at least) that Gargos is like Elder God status.

There was a thread about this not to long ago that I was a part of, talking about the differences / similarities to Gargos’ power and the Satsui No Hado from Street Fighter. If what we are talking about concerning Gargos is true, then his power is, his being, is far more like the Satsui No Hado than I had originally thought.


I think Spinal’s story is a good one. It’s “tighter” and more concise than Orchid’s with less drama. There are, again, several possible threads that could hint at future characters. Other members of Spinal’s crew with different curses, the king of Babylon (who is a recurrent thread). Pretty good.

I don’t want to be dismissive, because I know the lore is much more important to others, but I still wouldn’t try to overthink the characters’ powers and abilities. At the end of the day, Spinal is here because the Skeleton warriors from Jason and the Argonauts looked badass and Rare thought they could recreate that using SGI workstations in 1993… They were right, and new Spinal is badass too. The story works as far as it goes. But I don’t think we need to push it until we get “midichlorians.”

The hint about season 3 changes is by far the most robust up until know. It seems pretty clear that Spinal will have his curses nerfed or eliminated (!) in favor of some different wacky powers.

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Lol! I’m watching Blade Trinity, and the Dracula from that movie comes from Babylon.

What is it with Babylon that I’m missing?


What if the King was Gargos in disguise,organising the battle between Spinal,Aganos,and Kan-Ra in preparation for his future returning?

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The King of Babylon… Is Gilgamesh gonna be playable in Season 3?! We anime now?!

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Exactly. I hoped it would be expanded rather than forcing ties.

I enjoyed the story too. But this one was better in the sense that there was no sudden paragraph starting or ending with the obligatory: “so he joined forces with Maya, TJ, Orchid”, lol. :wink:


Maybe he’s called Spinal, 'cause, oh I don’t know… Because he’s a fracking skeleton!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What if Tusk is a descendant of the Babylonian king? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guys, cool it. They aren’t going to completely rework Spinal’s character. The diminishing curse effects is just flavor text, not indication of inbound nerfs. What they are probably going to do is use the new Searing Skull as Spinal’s Ultimate. They are probably going to give him an Ultimate, and this story hints at what it will be. The same with Jago’s implied super Enduken. That’s probably going to be Jago’s Ultimate.

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Yes as Orchids element of surprise hints at her ultimate


Why are so many complaining about the King Kan Ra, Spinal and Aganos having an intertwined story you do have to remember that they are the 3 oldest fighters in the game so they are going to bump heads somewhere and somehow. His mask losing its powers is because of Kan Ra using it to open the portal for Gargos. I dont know about yall but I cant wait until S3


It has been like that for 20 years, now it’s reboot time so we can go crazy about everything.
There also should be be an explanation for his shield. DH said the shield was a very important part of his story and design but we never knew why, since his story was not fully explained.

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They should have had Orchid be the former wife of the King that Kan Ra dipped on the side so she could have a Princess Leia style Queen outfit skin not a lunatic mountain trainer with Home Depot goggles

She was royalty


Guest character? Lol!

I vote Berserker. :grin:


Plot twist: Tusk is the Babylonian king


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I had actually considered this. :wink:


People are vaguely aware that it was a real place a long time ago. But since they don’t know anything else about it the devs or writers can make up whatever they want.


Spinals ultimate will be to magically turn the opponent into something a reurn to his morphing powers n KI and KI2

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