Character Backstory - The Quest of the Searing Skull


Yea I really do not mind spinal in his current state either.


I don’t think he is going to be one of the characters being reworked, it sounds more like a berf.
I wouldn’t be suprised at all if kan ra was a reworked character, others in the firing line could possibly be cinder,tj,omen and maya, that is purely just my opinion though.


For them to give him a heroic Norse theme, you’d think some information as to why specifically they took that direction would be included in the story.


It seems to me that the man Spinal once was is now lost. All that remains is his pure primal emotion that he apparently feeds on - he’s basically KI’s version of the Joker…

I too love the connection to the King and the man that’s obviously Kan-Ra. I can picture the retro version of Spinal being the original Spinal during Babylonian times - after all, the shield kind of fits the time period. I can also picture him picking up the other outfits as he scours the shipwrecks under the sea or as he causes havoc across the high-seas with his pirate-life. Still, none of this explains his living, Cthulu-like shield that’s a big part of his pirate outfit.

I’m curious as to why the mask has lost its power, but at this point in the story, it’s kind of a loose end anyways and IMO, needed to be done away with. I do like the idea that Kan-Ra took its power, because that makes sense considering he’s constantly trying to get magic to stay alive longer. Makes me wonder why he doesn’t go directly to Spinal to figure that out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Otherwise, it’s entirely possible the magic of the mask could be waning due to the on-coming arrival of Gargos, which actually brings me back to my next point…

With Gargos on the horizon, do you think Spinal is potentially gaining in strength as a direct or indirect result of it? Do you think Spinal will become a willing or unwilling agent of Gargos or a loose end altogether? Personally, I think it’ll be the former, but I suppose we’ll have to just wait and see.


I think that he’d be more of a loose cannon as well. Spinal I think can be manipulated by using magic in order to push him to do an agenda. Though I don’t think he’ll actually have one’s interest other than his own at heart. I like how his story goes.


This remains as an opinion While I still love the rero Riptor very much I did lik how her modern look turned out. still much to be desired but this is going to be off-topic.

I wonder why his curse is getting nerfed? if it even is. I honestly don’ think there was anythin wrong with Spinal.

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What with the reference to another character Once being human, i hope there is consideration for human skins.

Is this a hint that the much mentioned ‘king’ may be a new Season 3 character

Maybe Spinal will get his ability to morph into his opponent again or have the mystical telepathic back-breaking ultimate from KI2


I wonder if in some way the kin may be connected to Gargos in some form.

As far as getting a while new move I tink this may be unlikely but hey, there’s no real way of knowing until we actually see it ourselves.


KI lore seems to have a thing for false gods.

It’s pretty awesome, if you ask me. I’m still hoping Aganos was constructed in the image of another false god that might or might not make it into the game yet.

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Guessing since he’s also been around a long time like Spinal and Kan-Ra and given the KI universe’s humans’ tendency to worship weird things, probably no doubt he was also worshiped by someone at some point of time.

EDIT:- Like the story, sad it was shorter than I expected after the 2 weeks gap (Orchid’s bio was huge, but the immortal folk have smaller backstories somehow??), but well wrapped history explaining Spinal’s insanity and reason for becoming a pirate.

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This has got to be my favorite one so far. I knew it would be. I love the connection to Kan-ra.


Spinal’s new expanded backstory is really neat and cool especially on how exactly he became this (now) crazy and insane as well as maniacal pirate in the new KI reboot :smile: Overall in Spinal’s case AND to pretty much sum up Spinal’s new occupation as well as lifestyle: YO HO HO HO HO!!! A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME!!! :wink: :sunglasses:


Morphing sounds so stupid. If you’re going to mirror match just pick the character instead of wasting a move.


Spinal and Orchids are the best stories technically and creatively. Keep the momentum going.


Cool background story. It’s nice to see how the characters interconnect.

Would be even cooler if we were told Spinal’s real name, as I assume “Spinal” was simply a monicker given by Ultratech or even sailors during Spinal’s sea-plundering years.

My only gripe is with the Mask. Why is he searching for it to use its power instead of destroying it? Since the mask was crafted to strip its bearer of free will, and since he is somehow still controlled by it, won’t he want to destroy it instead to become free of it?


Not if it potentially kills him, I’d imagine…


I’ve just been thinking about what the balance changes could be. If Spinal is losing his ability to drain resources from the opponent then I would imagine his searing skull projectiles will no longer be blue/yellow and will return to being green. Under the rules introduced in s2 green moves give you a skull on hit, so rather than draining resources I think he will get a skull (and a shadow will return up to 5) and keep his momentum going that way instead. This would allow him to keep his vortex going but would stop him from denying the opponent the opportunity to escape with a metered reversal or an instinct cancel freeze.

As for his new abilities, it could indeed be something new during instinct as he won’t be able to extend it with instinct curses and will likely hit max skulls fast (although the potential for run cancel combos would be huge). It could be the ability to skull cancel his other skeleports during instinct or a new move altogether (there is also the possibility of new mechanics in s3 to consider). If his curses are being removed I would personally like to see the -2 recovery frames that he gets in instinct applied to his run (so you can act after 10 frames instead of 12) as this would allow for greater run cancel mixups.


What if Kan-Ra and Spinal are the good guys and the King is corrupt by Gargos? That would mean Aganos is being tricked.


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I think the king might be dead. Kan-ra said that himself in aganos’ trailer around the 0:24 mark

But Idk