Character Backstory - The Quest of the Searing Skull


He’s goofy because he’s mad. Sort of like how Sabrewulf has slowly been descending into savagery due to his own respective curse and his desperate attempts to cure himself, Spinal is only falling deeper and deeper into insanity as he wreaks havoc on the world in his attempts to find the Mask and siphon power. He’s the sort of character that we can be amused by because of the disconnect between game and reality, but if you were to encounter him in real life he would be absolutely terrifying because he’d be cackling madly while rushing at you with full intent of cleaving your corpse up with his rusty sword!


Much better well done guys


Next week… Fulgore :wink:


who was the first

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Next week… Fulgore



I got soem lieks and dislikes about this story so I’ll just say my dislike first and get the rouchy crud out of thw way first.

1- I was hoping Sabrewulf would of been mention as he did have the mask in his stage.

2-I think the date should be a bit more clear about when Spinal took on the pirating biz.

Here’s what I do like:

1- a great way to connect Kan-Ra with Spinal in this story. Hopefully you guys will touch up more of this on season3.

2-Looking forward to what you guys have planned for Spinal on this.

3-I look forward to seeing what he’ll be doing once he finds out who robbed the power of the mask.

I suspect he’ll be getting a buff related to Instinct some how, because of the way it been mentioned.


I’m a little sad there was no mention of the whole “warrior god” thing that’s so prominent in his theme. I’m really curious how that ties into his story…

Aside from that though, I really liked the story! Curious about the mask’s lost powers, and really like the story behind his origins and all! Good work everyone!

It definitely seems like his curse abilities will be nerfed a bit though, but maybe getting a better instinct? Possibly more options with the spectral stuff. Someone above mentioned it, but I guess it does kinda seem like he might be reworked a bit, unless I’m reading too much into it…

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If he gets reworked, I’m sure it will benefit him, rather than hurt him. Looking Forward to it!


I was looking for a reason to play Spinal. Hopefully, this will be it.

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“THE” Mask?


Riptor. The new one is a bastardization of the character.


Looks like Spinal’s curses are being nerfed or removed since Kan Ra has drained the masks power. Also looks it sounds like there were other accomplices who did Kan Ra’s bidding and take over the King’s throne. Maybe Season 3 will introduce more of the accomplices or even the King himself. Would be cool if he was like Azir from league of legends but not terrible to play.


It’s not THAT bad. More updated killer robotic Dinosaur, for the times.


So, let me get this straight, Spinal is an outright bad guy with absolutely no link with Northern Europe whatsoever? What’s up with his Norse-inspired, heroic theme song then.


Beside this Story being incredibly entertaining and keeping up with this delicious Dark Theme of Killer Instinct that I’m greatly appreciating by the way. Spinal sounds like he’s gonna be one of the two characters being Re-Balanced.


It’s nice to see that Spinal is still the crazy and villainous bag of bones we all know and love XD


She’s still a genetically created Dinosaur…She just spits fire as opposed to acid. Still has tail flip. I think she still is very close to what she was before.


So are they going to remove both the masks from Sabrewulf’s stage, then?

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where is it on his stage, I’ve never noticed it.

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They just worship him. That song talks about how they pray for him to come down and save them from defeat in the battle like they’re summoning him. He’s been around from continent to continent, and there were many stories told of him just sinking other ships full of treasure and never taking any of it. Somewhere down the line he probably ended up worshipped as a god by some people.


On the very left side of the stage, behind each candle. One is further in the background. The second one requires the second player to be about full screen away to see clearly.