Character Backstory - Temperance and Vengeance

Sorry I just made a mistake, I didn’t say anything wrong :slightly_smiling:


Sounds like Maya Nerfs…

sounds like those “burfs” that Adam mentioned


Lol basically sums up how I feel


Maya’s new expanded official backstory: Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Awesome! Killer! :relaxed: :smiley: :sunglasses:

I’m thinking I the exact same thing.

“In the few moments during which Maya is separated from her golden daggers Temperance Vengeance, a perhaps clearer mind forces her to wonder if she is gaining mastery over their magicks, or if the magicks are gaining mastery over her. Is she losing access to the daggers’ most powerful techniques, or are those techniques transforming into something greater?”

After reading the whole paragaph, to me it sounds like when she’s not holding her daggers she loses dagger levels, while also potentially gaining something in return. Not sure what that something would be, but that’s my take on it.

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What happened to Fulgore backstory ?

Mira could definitely be a way to use Maya’s 3D model to make a new character (kitana/ mileena)

Hoping Mira will be a completely new weapon and moveset and have different hair.

Doesn’t matter if she us a vampire or not, to have whomever designed Maya make another strong female fighter will be amazing.
Also, a chance for them to introduce us to the mentioned collected heroes she met in the portal as season 3 characters.

By the way, has anyone caught the JAW DROPPING new 5 min trailer for League of Legends??? THAT is what I want for Killer Instinct.

The Fulgore backstory already got released.


good point. Maybe she’ll have a “sheathe daggers” move too?

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Like a command to put her daggers away? That could be neat. Not sure how that would fare I’m terms of balance, but cool.

Love this backstory that surely was an interesting read. I’m interested over the fact that Gargos is the leader of the Shadow Lords (meaning plural). So does that mean there will be more of them revealed?

Also Maya has a sister now. So could THIS be the season 2 sibling Adam said may be a new character?

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yes, exactly that.

Maybe by sheathing her daggers she’d “charge” them.

Maybe Maya loses her level 8 ender and can’t use the daggers as a damage ender but she gets a new ender? Maybe she gets a utility buff? Maybe her level 8 ender is getting changed. What it does delends on the pips. Puple pips do damage so she can’t do the extreme damage while yello do utility. Level 1 puts them close too here while level 2 does a hard knockdown.

Seems to me there’s a lot of adjustments happening to mobility and projectiles… maybe KI is being moved a little bit more into the neutral game?

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That might not be the most balanced thing, but would definitely be cool.

Yeah, to be honest I don’t think they’ll reward you for “not” using your weapons. You want to be juggling them, not keeping them sheathed.

But I think it’s a great idea to slowly lose pips when you lose them.

I think as a few of you had said already…Mira is the sibling (which I had asked if it was Mayas brother in past Q&A and answer was NO…so this could definitely be it)
And as they fought the ancient evil in the Siberian MTs (which is near Transylvania/Russia)…that could be the Vampire that ties into the story.
I dont think Mira is the Vampire, but she is a minion of the Vampire…therefor bringing the Vampire into the story with some content that ties it all together.

New characters:
Mira, the sibling of Maya that has fallen into the Shadow as she was bitten by the Vampire and now serves as his minion.
Vampire from the Siberian Mts ( Hunted down by Maya for revenge and to free her sister)

Kim Wu

That’s 8 characters…if we dont get Eyedol, then it will be another guest :frowning:

I cant wait!!! Freaking HYPE!!!


While the story is good, I’m actually mildy upset - and for only 1 single reason: there is still no aspect of the story that describes how exactly Maya got those scars on her leg. I mean sure we could speculate, I suppose, but dagnabbit, I want answers!

Was it Cinder during the attack?
Riptor with her flame breath?
Plasma burns from Fulgore’s lasers?
Did she get injured by Kan-Ra’s magic?
Was it that ancient Siberian evil that supposedly killed her sister?



Ah apologies – that is indeed part of her backstory. She got the scar from Cinder during the attack on her city, as you guessed!