Changing the Shadow Lords Menu Music (A Warrior's Journey)

So I think there’s been a major missed opportunity with Shadow Lords. The menu just uses the main menu idle theme, with a spookier original track for when Gargos arrives.

I’ve got a way to kick it up a notch and make Shadow Lords even better. On the S3 soundtrack, there’s a track called “A Warrior’s Journey”. It’s a big, climactic remix of the main KI theme cooked up by the new producers, and it would be perfect if that played when Gargos arrived to signify the end of your game, to prepare you for the climactic battle to save the earth after your long journey through Shadow Lords.

My solution: Take that haunting original track that plays and have it running throughout the entirety of Shadow Lords. Add to the sense of dread, that your actions will determine the fate of the world. And it helps differentiate it from the regular game menu. Then when the big boss comes, throw on A Warrior’s Journey to signify the crescendo in an epic, satisfying way.