Changes to the Spider Queen

•Heavy Widows Bite now causes a hard knockdown during juggles.
•Jumping LK causes a flipout
•Standing LK causes a flipout
•Standing LK can be jump canceled on hit
•Jumping LK has more range and a larger attackbox than before.
•Standing LK is active for 2 addition frames. (These changes should give Sadira players a few more options for converting juggles into dangerous situations for the opponent should she lack the meter to cash out.)
•Jumping LP no longer pushes enemies away. (This is to assist with the j.LP xx Widows Drop chain combo that no one really uses because why would you?)
•Widows Drop now causes a ground bounce against airborne opponents.
•Widows Drop now hits 1 frame sooner, and the first active frame is wide and near her upperbody. (This will now combo, if well spaced, from jumping LP, leading to new juggle paths.)
•New Combo Trait – Auto Launcher – Press F+HK during any auto double to automatically perform the Leg Launcher and transition into juggle combos. Opponents can always break the Leg Launcher hit with a heavy breaker. (Sadira was the only character in the game without a real combo/combat trait, as her original one was juggles and now pretty much everyone juggles. This new trait gives her something to call her own and lets her easily transition confirms into difficult to break juggles.)
•Increased height of Crouching HK attackbox so that juggles into it are a bit more reliable.
•Fixed a bug that could cause Shadow Widows Bite to be breakable as an opener unexpectedly.
•Fixed a bug that allowed Sadira to summon an Instinct Mode projectile while in a flipout reaction.

All in all I think these things are going to impact Sadira in a HUGE way. Getting flipout is a big win and her new combo trait is going to allow us to be much more creative. I also like the fact that Widow’s Drop causes a ground bounce. I can see a lot of utility for this.

The smaller changes like Jumping LP not pushing away the opponant as much and a higher hitbox for Fang are also huge wins.

Fang changes will work great not just for combos, but as an effective anti-air.

Yeah, we didn’t get a damage buff, but then again with all the crazy shenanigans she is going to be able to perform, is certainly well worth it.

I think the most of the changes are meant to compliment the fact that she now has a flip out. Also I like hard knockdown on heavy widows bite.

I’ll be interested to see footage of her new combo trait. How exactly does that work? Do I get both ADs and then Fang, of do I get the first hit of the AD and then the launcher? It matters how that works. Over all, I’m not really impressed b/c you could always manual into the launcher, but that never seemed advantageous to me from a damage standpoint. It will be worth testing and comparing combos to see. @SoSRaGnArOk, do you remember back in early S2 when we were playing around with the manual launcher option once the KV was adjusted for her juggles? I don’t remember what the damage comparison was, but for me, the execution to damage payoff wasn’t worth it.

Wow… that was a long time ago. I think the big difference between the target combo is that you can use this with any auto doubles. They are sending Sadira into a new direction that isn’t about big damage, but crazy setups.

I’ll be posting videos when I can @MoBVertigo.

Something I noticed with her changes, and this might be nitpicking.

With jumping lk now causing a flip out, you cant chain lk into any medium attacks as her air combo trait describes you can. The target combos are still there, but it seems there isn’t a use for them anymore as the medium attack will always whiff after the flip out from jumping lk.