Change Spinal's Power Devour to 3P input?

Now that Seasons 2 and 3 have made three-punch utility moves more standard, I think it’s a much more intuitive input for Power Devour - especially since that move serves a similar purpose to Kim Wu’s parry. It’s not the most meaningful change, but I think it fits the move better and even after playing a ton of Spinal I still occasionally get Power Devour when I want to jab after blocking. This would definitely stop that from happening, if nothing else.

On a similar note, I think Orchid’s grenade might make more sense as a 3P input too, to make it more consistent with Arbiter’s grenades.

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The S1 character special traits like Power Devour or Orchid’s grenade would better fit to be tied to 3P or 3K based on the trend used for S2 and S3 characters, but personally I MUCH prefer not having moves tied to 3P or 3K inputs because I like using those macros for Shadow Moves and it really messes me up with characters like Kim Wu where making that mistake leads to a dropped combo.

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I used to have that problem with Omen. I would use 3P and 3K for shadow moves and always end up with Shadow form and it would piss me off so bad. Then I taught my self to no longer use that button for anything but Shadow form and around the world.
I try to use all 3 buttons for Ultras and 2 for shadow moves on all characters.

I thought Spinals Power Devour was 3P? What is it?

Back-LP, I believe. You can hold that to keep it active.

Yup, it’s Back+LP and you can hold the LP to keep it active for as long as you like. I much prefer that over having to hold all 3 punches.

And yeah I’ve been making the transition to using two face buttons for Shadows as opposed to the macro, but it’s not a change I like as it’s not as foul proof.

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I’m personally not a fan of a change like this. First it would really make everyone else who has, like me, learnt that Back+LP is power devour have to take a large amount of time to get used to a new input. Second, if you’re on a pad, it’s really tricky to hold back+3p (or even just 3p) at least for me. Using it for Arby’s fine as you don’t need to hold it on a whim. HOwever, you need to hold power devour at times for projectile absorbing etc.

I understand the suggestion though to streamline things.