CEO 2016 Roll Call!

Hey everybody, how’s it going? :heart_eyes:

I’m going to CEO this year… and if I’m not mistaken, @TheNinjaOstrich and @STORM179 will be there too! I am quite excited, and it got me to thinking…

…is anyone else from the UC Forums coming out to CEO this year? I’d love to meet you folks!

Big ups to @GoogleMyName for putting on a premier FG event an hour from me! I had a blast last year! :smiley:

For those of you unfamiliar with CEO, it’s a damned-fine tourney held annually in Orlando, FL.
Info is found here -


Throw me in there too.

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I’ll be there in spirit, does that count? :slight_smile:

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NICE! See you there! :smiley:

Hey, you can watch on stream! :relaxed:


I really want to go. I’m an alright player but I really just want to meet people who play this game. I help run a huge Smash brothers tournament in Boston and it kind of sucks to not see this game get as much recognition.

On the plus side my girlfriend works for Jetblue and I get to fly for free but I have no one to go with haha. If I go you guys should body me so I can learn some new tech!


It’s really great to get to speak with people in person who are passionate about the game! I really hope you get to go. If you do, let’s run some sets and talk shop! :smiley:

Aww! I wish I can go to CEO. But I save my money for Combo Breaker! Who will go to Combo Breaker??

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

…although I haven’t signed up yet or anything. Where can I go to do that?


SWEET! :smiley: You weren’t able to make it last year, so glad you can this year!

Smash on the hill?

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Click the link in my OP! :smiley:

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Nice, i have gone there once. Whats days can one go to play friendlys for KI?

I try to bring my KI setup on thursdays and have it in the corner but I think the head TO mentioned interested of having something small for it during the Biweekly Pokken tournaments on Fridays.

I’ll message you when I hear something more concrete.

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I accidentally jacked up my PayPal account signing up, so Once I prove my identity, I’ll sign up!

But I missed the lowest prices they had… :frowning:

Me too, friend. March just wasn’t the right month for that cash to leave my wallet, LOL

Lol. The struggles of bills.


cool, will you be there this thursday?

Yep. If I can get a ride I usually bring my KI setup.

after this bonus im getting and my tax refund… yea it looks like I’ll be at CEO and EVO! see yall there!

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