CD box set of the 3 season soundtracks plz!

Since the definitive edition soundtrack doesn’t include all season 3 music, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a box set of all 3 seasons! Make it happen Microsoft!! I’d buy it in an instant!


What really? glad I didn’t pick DE up yet

I’m just throwing an idea out there, idk if they’ll ever release all tracks on disc lol but they should!

The disc itself is limited on space. That’s what’s being mentioned here…

But Season 3 soundtrack info…soon…


Disc aside, I wonder if they’ll do a digital release of the S3 soundtrack, it better not be exclusive to the DE.

Well here we go, a hint.

Yes! Lol more CDs PLZ!

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I need that Gargos theme! :sweat_smile:

Wow it is confirmed… its not what we thought it would be. That’s unfortunate.

That’s a shame. I thought we were getting the new soundtrack.

Agreed. BUT when the season 3 soundtrack does release digitally, we’ll only be missing 4 tracks, which normally go for 99 cents, so 4 bucks it is Lol I Still really want physical versions for the soundtracks though


Oh hey, guess what…

October 25th.


Honestly it’s understandable what they did, you can’t fit that many songs on one disc, so they chose 4 out of each season and put them together. It makes sense since the definitive edition is about the whole game, not just season 3, so they included a bit of everything. So to the KI team, I ain’t mad at cha, lol

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Digital only?

I hope not. I’d pay cash money for a physical Collection of the Soundtracks from all 3 seasons.


I hope they end of doing this. It can be a triple disc album. I really would like this since this soundtrack on DE is like some random mash up of tracks from each season.

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On a plus side ALL THE TRACKS are ON the definitive edition app the comes on DISC! It has names and everything , I mean the game disc! So you can only play them on your xbox but still good!


HD audio files on CD Rom would be nice, modern cd players can play those now.

Yes! Hell yeah! Make it happen! Make it come true! Make that become a reality soon! I will buy the Killer Instinct CD Box Set in a heartbeat, Microsoft! :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses:

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Mick Gordon, Atlas Plug and Celldweller did an amazing job with the music and Microsoft did a great job as well in getting the right artists to do the project. Their work deserves to be released in more than just digital.