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How did You like it?

I was surprised to see Keits commenting. I know CB is a local tournament for him, but figured he wanted his distance based on his statements. Hopefully his stance is softening and he can return to developing fighting games.


He moved to Florida so it’s actually a travel tournament for him. But I think he’s got lots of connections to the scene. I think commentary is different than development but I just hope the guy is having fun. I think the days of people harassing him over balance issues are gone, but I don’t blame him if he’s not eager to do that again.

It has to be vindicating to see the enormous character variety and amazing gameplay in the CB tournament.

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Keits isn’t local to St.Charles IIRC. I believe he is a part of IG Orlando so he has to make a trip up north to be there. Also he is there because he is a part of staff of CB as a whole (he did auctions and probably helps Rick out a bunch in Pre Combo breaker and post combo breaker stuff since they are super tight he is the head of a predecessor of CB, Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament). I assume he still loves KI but he doesn’t want to be harassed on twitter because that isn’t his job (he isn’t working on KI) and wasn’t even his job when he was working on KI.

Just finished watching the archive for CB’s Killer Instinct top 8.
Impressed by Wheels, and both Nicky and Sonic playing two characters I could never handle: Arbiter and Fulgore. Thoroughly enjoyed watching these three guys.

Game is amazing after all these years. I’m so sad about the server issues, an unfortunate timing during this long weekend.

All I wanted to do this weekend was get some KI in, but sigh it is there for us overwhelmingly more often than it’s not

@ZTRAINOVER9000, I think I’ll incorporate some of your fake axe kicks to my strategy.

Your Maya did very well again this year.


Thanks broski! Yeah the fake axe kicks are a really good way to catch people off guard who aren’t expecting it. It feels good to post on this forum again it’s been a while :slight_smile:


By the way, really excellent performance at combo breaker. It was cool to put a face to the name and I, for one, was routing for you. Way to go man.


Hype tournament. Watching Arbiter run over Gargos and seeing how good of a matchup that is for him was especially satisfying. Only other thing I would have liked to see was Nicky taking out Mira.