"Cartoon" Joke Character

Inspired by this, KI don’t have a joke character. Like since Dampierre from Soulcalibur.

Even Dan from SF.

If they did have a joke character that based on various cartoons like… Looney Tunes, Spongebob, etc.

It can stretch its limbs even do various things.

Rash is KI’s joke character


We already have a cartoon joke character his name is Rash.


I hope you’re kidding, why not offer something more serious like Aliens or vampire or other more serious monster…:eyes:

lol, KI “serious”…


Somebody get Taffy from Clayfighter on the phone…

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I thought that was Omen

Spinal is the joke character. Just look at him laughing like a maniac and hitting you with giant green cartoon fists.

this for sure we already have Rash.

Guess Rash makes it exceptional.

TBH guys…

I miss Rash… :confused:

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tbh I’m hoping Alex Jefailey would be the second guest IP just for the fact that his ego would be interesting to see represented.

no man surely nope . spinal is one of the most serious character with just a ironic touch who i think is welcome :sunglasses: i dont play spinal but i enjoy fully to see people beat me with him cause hes just a killer! :heart_eyes:

I felt he was more the Akuma of the game personally