Captain America: Civil War (SPOILERS!)

Hey guys! My father and me just watched Captain America: Civil War at theater movie! We have very enjoying about that movie and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. But I’m disappointed about Zemo because he don’t have suit like purple mask and costume. It’s ok… But I’m really happy about Marvel studios get Spider-man back in Marvel movie! Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is so perfect than Andrew and Tobey. To be honestly, I can’t wait to see more Tom Holland’s Spider-Man get his own solo movie for next year! My favorite fight scene is Iron-Man team vs Captain America team at airport! Airport fight scene make me goosebumps, it make me feel good… Ant-Man finally become giant, then I was like be “HOLY COW!!! YES!!! I ALWAYS WANT TO SEE ANT-MAN BECOME GIANT!!” But I feel bad for Iron-Man because he get bodies by Winter Soldier and Captain America… (Sigh) But one thing I don’t like about Peter Parker’s aunt because aunt May is younger like 30 - 40 years old… Aunt May’s age should like 70 - 80 years old. Right? Oh well, who cares! Hey, what do I think about Black Panther? I really like him because Black Panther’s design is amazing! When I was kid and always dream about Black Panther in live action movie for long time until he finally appearance in Captain America Civil War and his own solo movie! I was hope there two after credits, but it’s only one… I thought Thanos will show up in after credits, but nothing! D: I give rating - 9.7/10!

What do you think about Captain America Civil War? Do you love it? Or is it suck movie?


A few key points to put here just to give my opinion of the film.

  • Paul Rudd continues to be a fantastic choice, even after seeing the Ant-Man movie and feeling that it felt vastly out of place amidst the other films. Most because there was very little connecting it with the bigger picture and felt less engaged. Also, becoming Goliath (another of Pym’s personas in the comics) made me hype.

  • Tom Holland as Spider-Man made me very, very sad. Not because it was a poor performance, but because it was the performance that we should have had all along. He struck that balance that the other two failed to find. He was a spectacular Peter Parker and an amazing Spider-Man (hyuk hyuk). I am very excited to see more of him, which I haven’t been excited for Spider-Man in a long time.

  • Aunt May being younger is a bold choice because Aunt May has always been seen as the older lady and more of a grandmother. By taking a few years away, however, it doesn’t add to or devalue anything. It just leaves room for jokes and makes things interesting. Not in a frustrating way either, more of an “Okay, that’s different” sort of way. It’s not like Jimmy Olsen is a girl now, lol! Thanks Zach Snyder.

  • I feel like much of the punch of the rivalry, such as the dialogue between Stark and Rodgers was taken away because of the trailers. Many of the moments that should have been gut wrenching like Stark saying “So was I” in response to Cap claiming Bucky as his friend. Or Cap getting up and saying he could fight all day long. These were moments that, while still good, could have been better were it not for the trailers.

  • Black Panther made me nervous because I was trying to figure out how they were going to get him into the film without making it all seem bloated. They did not disappoint.

I only watched it for Spiderman.


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I know you kappa’d (what?), but honestly… Best Spider-Man ever.
I was so sceptical, he looked so young and the costume isn’t all that flashy, but it just works! He is probably the closest thing to a real-life Peter Parker that’s been so far, and his performance as Spider-Man was brilliant!

I’m looking forward to the new Spider-Man movie now. I didn’t care all that much for the others as they were rather subpar, so my expectations aren’t all that high, but after seeing him in Civil War, I’m actually looking forward to it. Just as long they’re not making yet another origin story…

They confirmed or hinted somewhere that there will be no Origin story. It will hint or flashback maybe, but we are jumping into a Spiderman that has been doing it for a bit, still learning the ropes.

I thought Holland’s performance was amazing! Like you said, best Spiderman ever! I really connected quickly with him. He does Spidey right. Can’t wait for my favorite Superhero to get his own movie! :smile:

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Watched it with @oDragonSpirit and we had a blast!

I won’t go through the entirety of the story but mainly point out my alliance along a brief explanation, my favorite scene/idea and my biggest gripe. Here we go…

Alliance: Throughout the Civil War, I side with Cap. Not just because he is my favorite Superhero but because his reasons are justified and provide a symbolic message of freedom that I will always stand for. In the movie we see bad things happen, in previous movies we have seen even more bad things happen to the world and its inhabitants. In this movie the argument is that the Avengers must abide by law & order by means of submitting to the UN’s requests. Yes, people died, many people died and part of that was due to the collateral damage the Avengers caused when fending against enemies. One can argue greater good and that such powers must be not only monitored but controlled. Iron Man spearheads the initiative to cease any further negative outcomes under the supervision of the UN.

While his motives are purely for the better of the world, his ego undoubtedly gets the better of his judgement. Cap comes from a time a freedom, a time where he fought against a wickedness who swore to rule the world. While he thought the allies along him defeated the evil, it instead lingered. Hydra slipped through the cracks and corrupted SHIELD from the inside, another initiative made with the intention of providing for the world became the doom no one saw. Cap states in the move, “agendas change” because he has seen what Peggy, his love started, become tainted by evil agendas. He knows this better than anyone and if one of the most secure initiatives became corrupted, whats to stop UN from doing the same for their own benefits?

By the end we understand that Bucky, despite being himself; he had no choice in his decisions. By signing the Avengers to submit the the UNs request, they are falling in the same place Bucky did. They will surrender their freedom for what is presumed to be “the greater good” and such words have never been so grim.

Biggest Hit: I loved the intros to each new hero. I won’t jump on the Spider-man hype like everyone has (although it is warranted) as much as I want to highlight Black Panthers role. He was superb in this move! Despite those great hits in this movie it isn’t the biggest, oh no. The best moment to watch was when that piece of ■■■■ alcoholic egotistical son of a ■■■■■ get his smug ■■■■■■■ face pressed in by Caps fists over and over… oh yeah…

Ahem… sorry.

Biggest Gripe: Aunt May… why?! Why is she a cougar - oh don’t deny it! We all know that is the image she invoked. Huge disappointment that the creators felt the need to pander to this generation by making Aunt May hot. This new image takes away from the sweetness of Aunt May and substitutes it for flirtatious. Just felt jarring to see her be the aunt being a huge fan of Spidey that I am.