Can't we get kilgore anymore?

I had to stay away from KI game for a while and got back to it last week.

It was checking the store, I noticed that “Kilgore” fighter was set as “aviable soon” on my store.
Today, checking again the store, I noticed it was set as “aviable” and when i tryed to purchase it I was too happy to see it would cost $0,00 (as you can see on the image).

But trying to make a purchase, tells the item is aviable for sell in the KI store anymore…

What’s wrong in here? Is this a bug, will kilgore be sold via KI coin or wont it be sold anymore?

Note i play KI on Windows 10.

He’s going back on sale either next week or the week after.

He’ll cost $5 US or your local equivalent (£3.99 in the UK for example).

Ah, ok, ty for the heads up!

No trouble dude :slight_smile:

I believe he’s gonna be back on sale this Tuesday (April 4th).

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