Can't update/install KI after anniversary update (Microsoft Store)

So I have this issue. I installed KI long time ago and before update dropped it worked totally fine for me.
After update dropped, when in the game, it asks me to update, but I couldn’t do it via microsoft store, so I decided to just reinstall the game with a hope that I can get update included. Unfortunatelly, I can’t install it anymore. Does anyone had something like this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I got the latest update for windows.

UPD: in library there is mentioning that : “Killer Instinct does not work on this device”, though I literally played it day before

Have you tried uninstalling, and then reinstalling via Xbox App?

It seems like Xbox App don’t want to install either anymore >_<.
Have to figure out that.
I will update if I got something. Got several people who face the same issue on reddit

On PC it shows both the xbox and pc version to install which is the reason why one of those says it doesn`t work. The right version is this one which only shows playable on pc (and not playable on xbox and pc):

They made a post about it on twitter:

I recommend posting in this thread here, as it’s the official troubleshooting thread.

The Xbox App only shows the PC version, thus the reason I recommend it over the Microsoft Store.

If you use the Xbox app on PC, it should only show you the PC version.
On Window Story you will see both Xbox & PC versions (which is probably why are you seeing can’t be installed) like this pic.

In the search it is usually the 2nd one shown like this:

Assuming that worked you should see this (note I already have it installed so it says play instead on my image)

For this to work the old version of KI must be uninstalled, or you cannot update (and get the upgrade) because they are now a different version of the core platform config stuff (playfab).

I used these exact steps btw when I had to update and have posted in the official troubleshooting steps.

Let us know if this works for you!
Update: Someone shared this helpful video below, it walks through the issues you are running into & shows until you uninstall it, you cannot update:

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