Can't sign in with my gamer profile. Help!

I’ve been struggling to figure out how to sign in with my account on Killer Instinct. Whenever it prompts me to sign in, a small, grey window flashes for a split second (I’m assuming that’s the sign in window), and closes before I can even click it. This has essentially rendered me completely unable to save any progress that I might make in a session of KI. I’ve tried several suggestions that I’ve found through scouring the internet (messing with my account settings, both PC/Windows Store, making sure all Xbox related services are running, and making sure to leave the Xbox Store window open), but not a single one of them has worked for me. Does anyone have any more suggestions to get the game to properly sign me in?

Open the Xbox App and make sure you are signed in there. That’s the only thing I can suggest.

I made sure that I was signed in, still didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Can you provide more information? Current version of game, PC or Console, NAT Type, etc.

The small gray box is just syncing the data. It’s normal for it to come and go reasonably quickly. Edit - you don’t sign in there anyway.

Did you buy the game for Xbox and have you played it on an Xbox? If you downloaded the free Gold version of Season 2 I think you have to use it for the first time on an Xbox and then t will unlock on your account for PC.

Current version of KI is: 3.6.36000.1.282891.r. The version of KI I have is the PC version, and my PC is a custom built PC with Nvidia GeForce. Would it help if I gave the specific specs of the PC?

I don’t have the Xbox version of KI, is there still a way to get onto the PC version without it?

Also, I forgot to mention, but I also checked my firewall to make absolutely sure KI was permitted.

Just to clarify, you are running the game through the Xbox App already signed in current?

Yes, I’m running it through Xbox App.

And you purchased the game through the Windows store? The reason I ask is because if you bought it as an Xbox game you would need to aactivate the content on an Xbox first. But it sounds like you are having a login problem.

Have you updated Windows X with the anniversary update? For whatever reason this is a requirement.

I’ve made sure to fully update my OS.

And, I completely forgot to mention this, but I’m using the free version of KI.

Well, I see now that I was just being an idiot and didn’t realize that I needed an Xbox One version of KI to play on PC. Oh well.