Can't Shadow Counter if hit by a grab?

I do apologise if this was posted in the wrong category.

I don’t know if this is meant to happen or not, but are Shadow Counters meant to break through command grabs? I was playing Cinder earlier against a RAAM and I activated Shadow Counter, I got 1 hit out of it right before he grabs me.

Is this supposed to happen? I was just curious…

Send a recording.

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I’m a little confused by the phrasing “I got 1 hit out of it straight after he grabs me” - but I’ll try anyway, and you can tell me if I misunderstood you.

Obviously, you didn’t HIT him with SC, correct?

I assume he either blocked SC or grabbed you out of startup. RAAM’s grabs are really really fast, so if a SC isn’t a true blockstring and leaves gaps of 3f (or 1f for EX Grab) or more, he can definitely grab inbetween. If you triggered SC, but instead of striking again he grabbed you, then that’s pretty standard fare SC bait and punish. If you actually HIT him, and then he grabbed you, my thought would be that only the last hit of your SC made contact, and you didn’t combo from it, leaving him time to grab you.

But… I dunno. Like @DulXboxOne says, send a recording. That’ll help us unmask this dastardly villain.

I don’t have one unfortunately.

He tried stabbing me (I have no idea what the opener is called) but I blocked it, triggered SC but quickly grabs me after 1 hit of the SC. That’s what I’m curious about.

So, he does Stab.
During blockstun from Stab, you pop SC.
He grabs.

If this is the situation, that’s totally normal, and actually how SC’s work. The initial trigger doesn’t automatically activate the associated EX attack. Instead, it triggers a “catch counter”, like Hisako. If a strike or projectile contact this counter-pose, THEN the SC triggers.


Okay, thanks for explaining. Now I know.


No worries, bud. Glad to help.

In the future, keep that in mind against RAAM. He’ll try to set you up for a grab more often than he’ll try to bully you with +frames, so SC is kind of hard to use against him. Where your KI-instincts (like an ATM-machine!) tell you to SC, against RAAM you’ll want to neutral jump to punish the grab.

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@MDMMORNING is correct. Grabs are not hits, so they cannot trigger a shadow counter. If you attempt to counter, you gonna get got.
Also, don’t try and Shadow Counter after an opener. That usually wont get you anywhere unless it’s a multi-hit move and you counter an early hit. It’s better to counter after they do a normal so you can catch the opener attempt. But it’s still best to do it on reliable openings, like Shadows and telegraphed multi hitters.


The important thing to know here is that activating shadow counter does not necessarily mean the move will come out. All you’re doing is triggering a parry state. You have to be hit again after this (ie, you have to parry an attack during your parry state) before the SC will try to come out. That’s why you have to try and shadow counter before the last hit in your opponent’s pressure, so your SC parry state gets hit by something.

You are fully throwable during this parry state, which is why you get grabbed.