Can't Purchase Shadow Jago Pack

Anyone else having an issue with trying to purchase the Ultimate Shadow Jago Pack? It says that the pack is available for purchase until 1/15/2016 but whenever I click on it, it says “Rate” where the price should be.


Exactly. Thanks for the info. Hopefully it gets fixed because it states right there in the KI game menu, Jago available for purchase until 1/15/2016.

Saw on Twitter that KI Dev Team is aware of the Shadow Jago purchase issue and they’re working on a fix for it!

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Is it possible for you to buy it on instead?

I don’t think so. I went to the site and saw the same issue. It said “Bundle Only” and when I clicked it, it just bumped me to the bottom of the same page with no other calls to action.

However, the guy that was having the issue on GameFaqs just said it’s fixed now. So it should be good to go.