Can't play any games due to instant disconnections

Ive been trying for a few days now, and everytime i find a match it always ends with an immediate disconnect right as the intro animations start or in char select, and occassionalt i can get halfway into the first round before the game freezes on a frame, then resumes with “your opponent has disconnected” . I highly doubt literally everybody I run into has something against me as to dc immediately, and I’ve tried everything, reset internet a few times, reset teredo, restarted the game, all of it ends in instant dcs.

I don’t know whats going on, anyone else had similar experience?

Yes it did do the same to me, after checking my connexion parameter associated with the xbox live, I saw that my NAT type jumped from moderate to strict at a random pace (previously open) and sometimes telling me the teredo problem (that I supposedly solved a few day ago).

It’s been only one day so I can assume that the problem may come from the xbox live network. I also suspect that the problem certainly comes from the (more or less) new IPV6 that is more and more used, which, from what I heard, doesn’t required a NAT type anymore.
I checked and i’m absolutely sure that my curent IP adress is set in IPV6, I could perhaps try to reverse it to an IPV4 but I currently prefer to wait until a solution comes or not by itself.

I’ve never heard of IPv6 not needing an NAT, but I’m no tech expert (and I’m on IPv4). To fix the Toredo issue, I had to open specific ports on my network and then manually setup my network on my console so it used a static IP address that doesn’t change. You can find the specific ports you need online.

I’ve actually been seeing this since Monday - I got a probation warning (and one of the disconnects was after an Ultra had finished but before the outro started) so I stopped playing last night; this was only on my PC (haven’t played it on my X1 since Saturday), and I did notice after quitting the game that a network check showed “Xbox Live Core Services” were having problems at the time. My connection itself showed just fine, so I think there was/is something going on on the XBL end of things which might be causing this.

Tagging @TheKeits and @TempusChaoti just in case.

Well it surely has been hard to play online for the past few weks for some of us, but I fear that the problem can’t be solved by the developer but rather microsoft itself.

Yesterday it happened the same thing to me =O I invited the same person in ranked to an exhibition and everything was fine. Looked like it was a ranked problem. Checked the net, it was ok too.

Same here, it’s happening a lot this week.

Can confirm it just happened again on Xbox One - I landed in Probation when someone disconnected during an Ultra.

Hope whatever this is gets cleared up soon!

Yeah this disconnect issue happened to me yesterday, made me look like a total jabroni when I tried to stream (of course I always look like a jabroni on my stream lol). Hope this is fixed soon, I need my killer instanct.

Well at least you get the win :wink:
When this happens to me, I’m usually the one who “quit” and lose points.
The last time I had this problem rebooting my router worked like a charm.

is it working again for you guys? I just started to learn the game and haven’t played multiplayer yet.

It seems to be normal now.