Can't perform fission burnout ender?

For some reason when I try to input cinders fission burnout ender I keep getting inferno. I am using a stick, and I have no idea why. The input commands are correct, as I am in practice mode. Even doing the smallest combo, mTRAILBLAZER>MP>fission ender (qcb heavy punch) it always ends in inferno. My stick is not broken, because when I input heavy fission by itself it works fine. Nothing else is off, just this one ender it won’t let me do

Nvm I found out the problem. It doesn’t show the animation for the fission, it shows the same animation for the inferno, just aimed at the upper body. That was confusing


Yeah I always thought it could have been a more “Fission like” ender but still keep them on fire up top.

Yea I was literally stuck for like 20 minutes thinking of what could be wrong, but then I seen his upper body on fire and was like “oh that was it”.

Yeah well, you can’t expect him to burn one part of the body and not the other. lol

Cinder has Burn out enders and there’s a good reason for that; it’s to force your opponent to switch up with punches or kicks, when ever this occurs they fan the flames, the end result; if you have a character who’s moves are punch executed they fan the flames and increase the amount of white damage.

Any fool who continues to do this could end up having a big huge HUGE chunk of their life at stake and once you have a combo in there they’ll loose all of that health, unless they break your combo or wise up and use something else till the flames die down.

It’s one of the few cases were Cinder can get most of his damage on his opponents.

Fission doesn’t have an Ender. a Linker sure, but an Ender? no.

Well fission itself is not an ender, but the same button combo is, qcb heavy punch is an ender