Can't install KI on PC (Error 0x80070005)

Hey guys…
I’ve been away from here for a while for several reasons… and in the meantime, I’ve also formatted my PC.

Of course stupid, horrible Windows Store doesn’t get how to pick up already installed folders, so I had to delete and start over… that was apparently the least of my problems though.

I’ve been getting the error in the topic name (0x80070005) and can’t get passed it… I’ve of course looked it up online and found that I’m supposed to take back “ownership” of my drive and folders.
Done all that… and it still doesn’t work.
Been writing a bit back and forth with support, and he honestly seems even more stupid than cartboard. Came with several stupid suggestions, and it ended with him saying, that the requirement for the game says “November update for Windows 10” and since I’m running Anniversary Edition, my version is probably to new, and it doesn’t work for this.

Even if that WAS true, they wouldn’t write it, as it would have been a error and NOT by design… ESPECIALLY on Microsofts own game…

Even formatted my PC again since, and it’s still a problem.
I don’t know what to do anymore, so here I am… please, if anyone knows anything or has any ideas, I’m all ears.

And to make matters worse… I’m waiting for Forza Horizon 3 to drop.
If I can’t install that either, I’m gonna go bananas.

Sorry for the rant, but don’t know where else to put it :frowning:

Finally figured the issue…
For everyone out there with Windows 10 and Compression enabled on your drives… turn it off… it messes up the Windows Store, and judging from other people online, several other things too…

Just wanted to update you with my solution :slight_smile: