Can't get Skewer to Hit Vs. Knocked down opponent


Any help, I’ve been trying to get it working


Same here. Sometimes, he just does it right above the ground.

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It only works on hard knockdowns, first of all (so throw or the skull splitter ender or sweep).

Secondly, you have to do it pretty quick after the ender. If you wait too long, you will just get jumping HP and he will stab the ground with nothing happening. After throw, don’t wait for Tusk to stand up and pull his sword out of the ground. Just input up + HP immediately as he is beginning to stand up after the suplex.


I find it useful to do Skewer as late as possible, especially when enemy has his Instinct activated, it can cost him precious second or two. This is especially crucial against Glacius.

Also when opponent is not going to block or light dp on wakeup, and you time Skewer just right, you can hit opponent while he gets up, resulting in Skewer dealing damage of j.HP and hard knockdown again.

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Well, you’re just hitting him with jumping HP in this case. There’s no timing of Skewer “just right” to hit standing opponents (Skewer is an OTG-only move). Jump HP is like -30 on block so this is a risky endeavor indeed, friend.

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It Is possible, and actually does more non-scaled damage than j.HP

Im trying to record version from hard knockdown ender, but its really difficult. Possible, I did it like three times but link is tight.


Huh, that’s news to me. Still doesn’t seem like a super great idea (I imagine it’s really unsafe?) and it’s easy to block on reaction. But interesting, didn’t know this was possible.

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also can be done after hard knockdown, but window is extremely tight, took me over a dozen of tries, unpractical but its always fun to see glacius suffer.

Attack data shows that Skewer is +15 on block, must be a mistake, this is certainly unsafe.

I gotta try this online, see if its of any use.

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I experimented with this move and I actually find it pretty useful, 100% positive results against button mashers, and even better players can get caught off guard, especially when they have low HP and start to get yolo on wakeup.

And the best thing, after back throw and going away from lying opponent as far as possible, due to air acceleration move crosses up!