Cant get past the " Checking for content " screen . IG this is unacceptable

Is it ok that I feature your statements in the video ?

Go for it dude. I know I can’t get everything back but at a minimum I would want my level 50 characters back. Ranked and Story don’t take long but, leveling characters from 1-50 doing all their fight challenges… That took a LONG time… Use whatever you need to bro.

Yea man I feel you I had 1 pro star :<

All I can do is hope they can do something. I don’t want to start over, I don’t mind story, or ranked, but the character levels… That took a LONG time. Specially before we had EXP bonuses. I’ve been told by a few that they are aware of the problem, and I’m sure they can look at the cloud because I’m sure the cloud itself has it’s own backups (I hope), so they can just resync it.

Yep in the process of making a LONG post about this

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Videos finished you can view it here : Season 3 Launch Issues

My bro just called me and said that my file is the only one that does not work so I’m going to be pretty pissed if all my data has to be deleted for a fourth time.

As of now the bug is still happening , still no word on a fix from ig

I’m about to delete my data right now since there is no fix or help from the devs so ■■■■■ it.

That sucks man we should not have to resort to this , tell me if it works for you .

I’m with the same problem, Rukari Said they already trying to resolve it. I already tried a bunch of things, nothing works. Don’t delete your data guys pls! I have some reports saying that deleting the data will delete all your progress completely.

As Rukari has said before, the team is aware and we are looking into it as fast and as best we can.

I have already deleted my data, all my achievements and game hub stats were saved but all progress in game is gone but at least it works. I’m now focusing on getting those last 20 ranked wins achievements.
In all honesty it doesn’t really matter I’ve had my stats deleted every season now (it’s kinda of like a tradition lol) and I’m enjoying climbing back to the top.

Hi, I am having the same problem on PC. I wouldn´t mind to delete my save file because I started to play a couple of days ago, but I cannot find the location on my Pc. Anybody knows where is the default location for the save file? Thank you!

Hope you guys can fix it fast so we can play withiut our progress being deleted. This is very frustrating.

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Been five days since season 3 and the bug , starting to loose faith that I will never get my save data back and actually play season 3


Current mood about not being able to play season 3 … still

I feel for you bro, I couldn’t wait any longer and deleted my stats a while ago. The only good thing about it is that I get to relearn and level up all the characters all over again.

The new update has fixed the glitch ( praise be to the papa above ) Thanks to those at IG for fixing the problem and to you guys who stuck around on this thrend , I appreciate ya

Now if you would excuse me , I am gonna play some long deserved KI

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