Can't find the Ultimates pack in the store

I dunno where in the forums to ask this, but the windows store doesn’t have the ultimates pack in it and I don’t know where else to look for it.
What do I do?

Boot up the game and go to the extras section in the store. you should find it there

Ive been curious about this too. Its not in the extras section. Xbox One owners actually had to go on the xbox store to download them but there is nothing on the ms PC store except for the game itself. Im hesitant on downloading from the xbox store as the cross buy functionality is super wonky especially with offline play and the certification process.


I don’t see any pack on Extras section.

Rebooting my pc. No new update w/e.

The Extras section for Ultimates still says “Coming Soon” for PC players. There’s no patch yet. G ■■■■■■■ G.

Did you manually update it? Sometimes KI won’t update on PC automatically. Still runs, but skips out on key features.

Could potentially be that.

I tried manually updating the game, but it was totally up to date. It finally showed up in the in-game store, and I’ve been staring at the processing premium purchase request screen for the past 10 minutes.
Game is basically frozen at this point. Can’t cancel because you can’t press any buttons at this screen and I’m afraid to alt+f4.

EDIT: 15 minutes and counting. Will I ever get to play with ultimates?

Wow, that sounds irritating. Not sure what it is then. Best to ask the devs.


In the same boat as you, stuck purchasing with the spinning logo.

I restarted the game and they were there.

Here is the link, just purchase the free pack through the browser then start the game.

I did that, but still I didn’t get the Ultimates MAster pack…

I have ki on pc .

Yestarday i check the store section in the game , then in extras Section i click on the ultimate pack , after i put my password , it start to download. The game dont stop downloading , i restart the game . Ultimates were there , and work properly.