Can't Find Any Multiplayer Matches

No bug no error, just can’t find anyone in multiplay for verus online, lost much time for searching (I’m PC user)
I think developers need upgrade KI multiplay system should do like SF5 multiplay system. I think no one want AFK some hours for wait someone come. In SF5, users can searching other user while playing other mode
Btw, please make more skins/clothes, I bought all ingame, but they didn’t help me feel any refesh from character graphic. Sad

I can find people in less than a minute, it must be something on your end

Must admit I only tried one evening (for now), but that time I couldn’t find any matches either…

Tried playing ranked, but it just stood there saying “searching for opponent”… after a while (also trying to cancel and try again a couple of times), I went to exhibition with the exact same results :frowning:

ya, me too. Tried alot time, rank, lobby, etc

Nothing and nothing

I find loads, every day ive played since season 1 (whihc is about 140 hours total so far) possible PC bug?

Sounds like your firewall settings - been playing back to back matches all day. If it takes more than a minute I cancel and retry and it seems to then get a game quickly.

Try to test by joining a lobby to make sure it lets you connect to others.

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You should check this thread…

Others have been having you same problem.

Sometimes if it seems to take too long to make a connecting match just back out and re-search

Your PC isn’t even connecting to the matchmaking server.You need to find a solution for that first. Once you get that fixed, searches will sometimes fail to timeout or resend a search request. You have to back out and search again. Sometimes backing out crashes the game though. It’s buggy.

There are already multiple threads referencing this issue, and the devs have acknowledged it.

thanks, I’ll try this

Still not work
Tried many ways: disable firewall, change DNS, use proxe,etc
Not work. Boring