Can't even play with anybody in a lobby without being kicked!

Ok sure I have been playing Killer instinct since 2014 and reached killer numerous times but I just want chillax and go hard in a lobby without being because I am killer rank maybe I should just demote myself so I can play with people again… :frowning:

I’ve never been kicked from lobbies due to my rank, and I’ve been a killer for a long time - sorry to hear that that seems to be what’s happening with you.

Anyways, the reason for my reply is not only to sympathize, but to let you know that I’m also getting kicked from lobbies. Well, sort of - it’s more like I get dropped rather than kicked.

You see, even though the result is the same as what happens to you, the cause is different. For me, the issue is not from players who are afraid of a challenge, but my connection itself. I currently run at an average of 6mbps down and 1mbps up, with ~50-100ms ping for latency (lag). I believe that, because of this, and because of artificial limiters within the game itself that the developers have designed (don’t quote me on that though, as they aren’t too keen on admttting that something like that might exist - here’s looking at you, @developers :expressionless:) I can’t be in a lobby of more than 5 people (and at 5, it’s a stretch). So, I’m fine until the 5th or 6th player shows up. Once that happens, I get automatically kicked out/dropped in short order. It’s weird too, because when it happens, it happens slowly - but there are signs. For example, it’ll look like other players are leaving the lobby 1st, but then, seconds later, I’ll either be left alone in the lobby with the host or get a message that more or less lets me know that I got dropped and then returned to the main menu (either way, it’s still a bummer, as even with the former, I’m actually not with the host - he’s still in the original lobby; it just looks like he’s there. What’s actually happened is it has split the lobby into 2, and left me alone in 1, but since it can’t tell that I’m the host, I can’t do anything but leave the lobby, so it’s still a lose-lose situation for me.

While I can understand why an artificial limiter may allegedly be in place, I wish the limited ceiling for it wasn’t so low. I’ve been able to play in 32-64 player games with little or no connection issues, and while I understand stability is far more important in fighting games, I still believe that the game can stand to raise the limited ceiling to account for my connection under a measly 8 players with little to no incident or issue. If I’m wrong on this, then the devs are free to clarify and explain this to me at any time - at least then I’d have an answer instead of having to guess or speculate on such matters.

Until then, however, I’m stuck limiting my lobbies to 4 or fewer players, which doesn’t help, because just about everyone online searches for a lobby that allows for 8 players, leaving me with an empty lobby, unless it’s private, which in itself is quite rare for me, as it’s hard for me to get friends together, since they’re either too busy doing something else or know of my limited connection. I kind of wish that the game had settings for more or less than - for example, you can set a search for a lobby that has 7 players OR LESS - that way, it widens the search instead of just looking for lobbies with a set number of players, meaning more could show up in my lobby with a limit of 4 if I’m hosting 1.

Of course, getting a better connection is a solution, but sadly it’s not 1 that’s available in my area, as the connection I’ve listed above is the best in my area at this current time, and is provided by the only ISP in my area too, so I’m kind of limited on that front. :’(

But I digress - the game is still fun, but my head swims daily with ideas on how it could be better - this is just some of that.

I’ll see you online. and GG, from GG! :smiley:

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I’ll play in your 4 man lobby. Seems maybe i have the same problem. Always disconnects. Thing is im a new Win 10 player, far from Killer rank